Summer & winter school study

Victoria University offers a range of summer and winter school elective units for students to undertake during the two main semester breaks. Units are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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Winter school enrolment

Winter school is also known as Study Period 4 and is only available for Higher Education students. When considering enrolling in a winter unit, please be aware that enrolment is subject to minimum and maximum student numbers.

Benefits of winter school study

  • Lower student to teacher ratio
  • Shorter time frame to complete a unit
  • Faster completion of credit points to complete your qualification
  • Potential opportunity to repeat failed units in order to meet pre-requisites for the following semester
  • Weekend classes and short intensives available in some instances

Important dates

16 April - Winter school timetable available and enrolments open.

27 May until 5pm - My Timetable allocation adjustment mode opens (students can view their personal timetable and change their allocations instantly).

29 May at 23:59pm - Winter school enrolment closes.

1 June - Winter school semester commences.

12 June at 5pm - Winter school timetable changes to ‘read only’ mode – after this, students will not be able to change their allocations.

10 July - Winter school semester ends.

15 June - Winter census date. If you withdraw from a Winter unit after the census, you will still be liable for the fees.

Enrolment process

Step 1: Check which units are offered for winter school (study period/semester 4). Please note that not all colleges are offering winter units. Units being offered are subject to change at the discretion of Victoria University.

College of Arts

  • ACG5208 Crisis and Risk Communication (City Flinders)
  • ASD4102 Person-Centred Approaches to Dementia (City Flinders)
  • ACT2008 Performance Studio D (Footscray Park)
  • ASA5011 Human Rights Theory and Practice (Footscray Park)
  • ASH1002 World History 2 (Footscray Park)
  • ASP1002 Origins of International Politics (Footscray Park)
  • ASW2103 Human Development in Social Context (Footscray Park)
  • ASW3106 Schools and Student Wellbeing (Footscray Park)

College of Business

  • BMO6506 Work and Organisation Systems (City Flinders)

College of Education

  • AEB1101 Learning in a Changing World (Footscray Park)
  • AEB1802 Youth Work Programs (Footscray Park)
  • AEB2250 Health Activity, Community & Wellbeing (Footscray Park)
  • AEB2302 Science Environment & Sustainability (Footscray Park)
  • AEB2802 Ethics and Youth Work Practice (Footscray Park)
  • AEB3805 Youth Policy, Civics & Culture (Footscray Park)
  • AEK1101 Indigenous Australian Issues & Understandings (Footscray Park)
  • AEK1201 Indigenous Australian Knowing (Footscray Park)
  • AEG5124 Professional Practice - TESOL (Footscray Park)
  • AEB1103 Learning Teaching & Praxis Inquiry (St Albans & Footscray Park)
  • AEB2163 Visual & Creative Arts (St Albans)
  • AEB2251 Imagination Creativity and Design (St Albans)
  • AEB2301 Rethinking Australian Studies (St Albans)

College of Engineering & Science

No units available.

College of Health & Biomedicine

No units available.

College of Law & Justice

  • BLB2125 Real Property Law (City Queen)
  • BLB4104 Commercial Arbitration Law (City Queen) (Undergraduate)
  • BLB5557 Commercial Arbitration Law (City Queen) (Postgraduate)
  • BLO1105 Business Law (Footscray Park)

College of Sport & Exercise Science

  • SPE1001 Growth & Motor Development (Footscray Park)

Step 2: Check the Timetable Planner to find out when the unit is offered. You should ensure you check the timetable regularly for updates.

Step 3: Enrol, either online or by paper.

  • If you enrolled in your course online, you will be able to enrol in available winter school units online via MYVU Portal when enrolment opens. When selecting units, ensure you select semester 4.
  • If your course is not available for online enrolment, you can use the Unit of Study Amendment (higher education) form.

Enrolment forms

You can submit your completed form via ASKVU or in person at any VU Student Service Centre.


Information about enrolment fees and charges for domestic students can be found on our website.


If you have any questions about summer or winter school please contact the Student Service Centre.

Phone: +61 3 9919 6100
In person: Student Service Centre locations