Clubs & societies

Make new friends by joining a university club or society. Meet other people studying your subject, students who live near your campus or just people with similar interests!

VU has a large and diverse range of student-run clubs and societies, all listed on this page. If you are interested in joining a group, contact them on the details provided.

If you have an idea for a club or society that you don’t see listed here, you can start a new club or society. Many clubs and societies thrive at VU and re-affiliate year after year.

Joining a club or society at VU will also help you develop your professional skills, build your networks, and give you experience that will be invaluable when you graduate. We provide ongoing support and professional development opportunities to students who volunteer to be an executive committee member.

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Art & music

Victoria University Photography Club

This club is for all VU students who are interested in anything regarding photography. It creates a playground specialised in photography, builds a network for photography related jobs, provides career advice and promotes local talent through the exposure of personal works and projects.


Fresh Student Media

Fresh Student Media is a fun and energetic student-run club that operates VU's Radio Station, a video production service and online journalism media serving the students, staff and communities of VU.

Our club members do a variety of activities from being a radio presenter, picking the music to play or helping us run the club.

Facebook: Fresh Student Media

VU Theatre Company

A group of arty students running a range of events from small fundraisers and performances at Orientation events to a large musical production for all students to attend!

Facebook: VU Theatre Company

College societies

College of Arts Society (VUAS)

The peak representative body for all students within VU's College of Arts.

VUAS at O-Fest 2015

We hold annual social events, ranging from our yearly toga party in semester 1 to a charity comedy night in semester 2.

Aside from the social aspect, we are currently building a petition to bring back languages to VU and are establishing communication with the Dean of Arts and the College itself with the hope to work closer together in the future.

VUAS is proudly supported and funded by the Victoria University Student Union.

Facebook: VUAS
Email: or

College of Business Society

The society for students of the College of Business at VU.

We aim to enrich the social and study experiences for students in VU's College of Business, by providing support through proactive engagement in a fun and professional environment.

We have networking nights, movie nights, presentation workshops, mentoring for first-year students and much more. We also have competitions with sweet prizes and benefits for you guys so sign up, it’s free!

The College of Business Society is proudly supported and funded by the Victoria University Student Union.

Facebook: College of Business society
Email: or

College of Education Society

VU's College of Education Society works to encourage, engage and enrich the experience of students studying Education courses at VU.

Our goal is to create a fun atmosphere and bring further enjoyment to university life. We organise social get-togethers, barbecues, and education-based learning experiences to generate further involvement and entertainment across VU campuses.

The College of Education Society is proudly supported and funded by the Victoria University Student Union.

Facebook: College of Education society
Email: or

College of Engineering & Science Society

A representative body for students in VU's College of Engineering & Science.

We hold forums and social events to find out what is important to you and make uni life more enjoyable.

The College of Engineering and Science Society is proudly supported and funded by the Victoria University Student Union.

Facebook: College of Engineering & Science Society
Email: or

College of Health & Biomedicine Society (CHABS)

A student-run society aimed at elevating the student experience through academic and social events and opportunities.

We are aimed at those studying: anatomy & cell biology, dermal science, food, nutrition & dietetics, medical physiology, midwifery & women’s health, nursing, osteopathic medicine, paramedicine and public health.

We provide support to students by organising social, academic, up-skilling and networking events along with providing a fun and professional environment for all students. Becoming a member is FREE! As a member we provide you with exclusive invitations to events, discounted/free events, networking opportunities, leadership opportunities.

CHABS is proudly supported and funded by the Victoria University Student Union.

Facebook: CHABS VU

Dictum Society

The student society for VU's College of Law & Justice.

Dictum Society strives to provide academic, professional and social development for all students studying at the College of Law and Justice. We do this by organising seminars, workshops, publications and competitions that can help hone your skills as a lawyer and help build your connection with the industry.

We also endeavour to organise social events from big to small and do our very best to bring some spirit and cohesion to everyone studying at the Queen Street campus.

Dictum Society is proudly supported and funded by the Victoria University Student Union.

Website: Dictum Society
Facebook: Dictum Society

College of Sport & Exercise Science Society

The student society for VU's College of Sport & Exercise Science.

College of Sport & Exercise Society at O-Fest

Studying a sport or exercise related degree? Passionate about sport?

The College of Sport & Exercise Science Society at Victoria University is a student-run society that aims to bring together all students with an interest in sport; we organise a variety of social, networking and sport-themed events throughout the year.

The College of Sport and Exercise Science Society is proudly supported and funded by the Victoria University Student Union.

Facebook: College of Sport and Exercise Science Society
Email: or


VU Student Union (VUSU)

VUSU is the peak body representing and supporting all students at Victoria University.

The VUSU team

The stated objectives of VUSU are to provide a range of representation and general services to a student population on all campuses of the University.

The VUSU activities portfolio organises social events on and off campus. This includes off-campus orientation parties, end of exams parties and even on-campus pop-up pubs!

VUSU also organises forums, which are aimed at collectively discussing students’ views. The student forums are an opportunity for students to come and voice their views on any issues that they face. VUSU uses these forums to remain reflective of the views of the student population and to keep senior staff at Victoria University informed of student issues.

Keep a look out for the VUSU annual ball, weekly breakfasts, and our famous O-Week parties! It's going to be an awesome year for "FUN AND REPRESENTATION"!

Website: VUSU
Facebook: VUSU
Twitter: @vusu

Community Development Association

Bringing people together who are passionate about community development, with the purpose to empower, inspire and learn in an environment where students can also connect with others who have similar interests.

Facebook: Community Development Association

Enactus (previously Students in Free Enterprise)

We encourage you to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to real working situations. Enactus students can make a difference in their local community. Being involved with Enactus can increase your employability and further enhance your university experience.

Facebook: Enactus

Entrepreneurship Society

The Entrepreneurship Society inspires young entrepreneurs, gives them work experience and embarks them on a journey to success. We provide influential guest speakers, innovative workshops and social events to challenge students and prepare them for the future.

The Entrepreneurship Society will develop student entrepreneurship skills by getting them engaged in real life projects and by assisting their business ideas with events, workshops and scalable infrastructure.

Website: Entrepreneurship Society(registration required)

Professionals Returning to Study Association

Our association provides services and community support for professionals returning to study at VU, through networking, mentoring and activities tailored to our members’ demographics.


Sustainable Living & Urban Gardening Group (SLUGG)

A collection of students across different colleges with a desire to implement sustainable principles and practices.

Facebook: SLUGG

VU Postgraduate Association (VUPA)

Victoria University Postgraduate Association (VUPA) serves an important role in enabling postgraduate representation, by helping postgraduate students share information and concerns and hosting both academic and social events. Join us if you are a postgraduate student at VU and want to embrace your university experience with VUPA!

Website: VUPA
Facebook: VUPA

VU Pride

VU Pride recognises that there is a range of sexualities and genders at Victoria University and we aim to celebrate such diversity. VU Pride plans to combat negative attitudes towards LGBTQIA people at Victoria University by creating support networks between LGBTQIA people and straight-identifying students. We also aim to create a socially inclusive environment which helps generate unity among all students.

Facebook: VU Pride

VU Women’s Collective

With the joint support of the VUSU Women's Department and the Women's Collective Committee, the Victoria University Women's Collective aims to create a sense of community and safety on all VU campuses.

The VU Women's Collective looks forward to many events throughout the year, including our annual International Women's Day forum and this year's Women in Higher Education week. We also march in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the November annual Reclaim the Night march.

In 2016, we look forward to expanding our community and creating a safe environment for women on every campus. We welcome students to share events, relevant news and comments on our page.

Facebook: VU Women’s Collective

Courses & academia

Accounting, Finance & Investment Student Society (AFISS)

AFISS is Victoria University's largest business student society. We aim to ensure that Victoria University business graduates are empowered to successfully enter the competitive market with confidence and a network of support for the future. Our industry guests include managing directors, partners and senior staffs from multi-billion dollar companies such as CPA Australia, NAB, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, PwC, EY, Deloitte, KPMG, Bloomberg, BDO, Telstra, AMP and many more.

Website: AFISS
Facebook: AFISS

Golden Key International Honour Society

We recognise students who perform within the top 15% of their College in 400 universities around the world and Victoria University is a chapter of the society. Once you are invited to join Golden Key, you have the opportunity to network with any of the 2 million members across the globe.

All together we aim to promote academia, leadership and service through the many events held at Victoria University and across the state. Members are encouraged to apply for scholarships within Golden Key, attend events to meet like-minded people and give back to the community through service.

Website: Golden Key
Facebook: Golden Key

Home Economics Victoria University (HEVU)

HEVU is a club that welcomes anyone who is passionate about home economics being the empowerment of families and individuals, good food, mental and physical health, overall well-being and textiles.

We aim to run events and provide links to professional development that builds and supports an understanding of the relevance and importance of home economics in today’s world.

Facebook: HEVU

VU Motorsport (VUM)

Victoria University Motorsport (VUM) is a student group led by mechanical engineering undergraduate students, and is open to all undergraduates studying at VU. Students design, build and race a race car.

Webpage: Victoria University Motorsport (VUM)

Student Osteopathic Medicine Association (SOMA)

SOMA is a club that provides social and educational opportunities to the students of Victoria University, with a direct focus on students enrolled in osteopathy.

SOMA offers a range of beneficial seminars that are not offered within the osteopathy course, allowing students to expand their knowledge and skills. These seminars are open to all students.

Email: or

VU Student Paramedic Association (VUSPA)

A faculty-based club that invites all paramedic students to take part in both social and educational activities.

Facebook: VUSPA

VU Psychology Society (VUPS)

VUPS at O-Fest 2015

The VUPS is an inclusive student psychology society that welcomes student members who are currently studying or have an interest in psychology. VUPS intends to better link psychology students with each other and with VU psychology staff in a relaxed and fun environment.

Facebook: VUPS
Email: or

VU Public Speaking Club

We all have to speak in public from time to time, whether it is giving a presentation in class, speaking in a team meeting or presenting in front of a professional audience. The VU Public Speaking Club will help you overcome your nervousness through preparation and practice, and boost your confidence when speaking in front of small or large audiences.

Meetings are run in a fun, proactive and professional manner. Seize the opportunity to become a confident and engaging speaker today!

Facebook: VU Public Speaking Club

Victoria University Social Work Society (VUSWS)

A forum where social work students at all stages of their learning can come together to discuss relevant social, political and personal concerns and concepts. VUSWS enables interaction between social work students and staff to become actively involved in the community. There are mentoring opportunities as well as the ability to connect with local organisations, fundraising and workshops.


Youth Work Student Association

This club represents and supports youth work students at VU. It provides mentoring opportunities for new students, supports students and their needs, and runs social events for students to keep them engaged in university life.

Facebook: Youth Work Student Association

Fun & friendship

Aussie Mates Events Club

We welcome exchange students from across the world and organise social events on campus and across Victoria. Aussie Mates Events Club is a great place to meet amazing people from a range of disciplines across the University. We support a strong welcoming culture within our campuses.

If you are a local VU student and would like to be an Aussie Mate please go to our information for Aussie Mates page. If you are coming to Victoria University on exchange or on a study abroad program and you would like to connect with an Aussie Mate when you arrive, please connect with us through our international page.

Local students: Be an Aussie Mate
International students: Connect with an Aussie Mate

Beer Appreciation Club

Beer Appreciation Club

From Abbotsford Stout to Victoria Bitter and everything in between, the Beer Appreciation Club is here to promote and recognise excellent beer in all its forms.

We’re looking to create a fun, safe and relaxed environment where new and current students can interact together over our favourite brew and enjoy our time at university together. We’re dedicated to providing you with premium beer, good times and an excellent year with us. We post detailed beer reviews, beer news and anything else beer related. We look forward to seeing you!

Facebook: Beer Appreciation Club

VU Games Club

This club is about the love of games and the playing of games, both of which are worthwhile causes. We love board games, card games, role-playing games and video games! The club wishes to provide a place outside of the home for gaming and for members to make new friends who they have a common connection with.

Facebook: VU Games Club

VU International Student Association (ISA)

VU ISA with VC Peter Dawkins

VU-ISA is currently affiliated with the Victoria University Student Union (VUSU) and was founded in 2002. It is the peak representation of all international students within VU, acting to provide guidance and advice when students need it most. We are committed to running diverse events for students from multicultural backgrounds; aiming to ensure international students enjoy their new life at VU, through our innovative activities and practical advice in career and academic opportunities.

Website: ISA
Facebook: ISA

The ISA office is located in Building M 119, Footscray Park Campus and Room FLG27 at 301 Flinders Lane in the CBD.


VU-CSSS (Chinese Student & Scholar Society)

VU-CSSS is a service-oriented association that aims to link Chinese students and scholars in Victoria University. We want to create a community both on and off the VU campus to help Chinese students and scholars get to know more about Australia and also to promote Chinese culture to our fellow students and students from all over the world.

We aim to help answer questions about housing, studying, travelling and anything else about living in Australia! We also organise activities that can help people get to know each other and make friends.

VU-CSSS is also open to people from all over the world, the only requirement is an interest in Chinese culture.

Facebook: VU-CSSS
Weibo: VU-CSSS WeChat and QQ-Group Site

Greek Society (VUGS)

VU Greek Society at O-Fest

VUGS is an all-inclusive Greek cultural club that aims to promote and celebrate our unique culture with Greek and Philhellene students alike.

Facebook: VUGS and VUGS Facebook group

Indonesian Students Association (VUISA)

VUISA (Victoria University Indonesian Students Association) is an organisation for Indonesian students to share knowledge and experience both in academic and non-academic issues. We build social networks between students and alumnus from all parts of Indonesia and learn about leadership and communication skills. Come and join us!

Social activities (with lots of fun and foods) are regularly arranged to help you cope with challenges during your studies.

Facebook: VUISA

Kuwaiti Students Group

The Kuwaiti Students Group (KSG) is a society that aims to gather Kuwaiti students together and to represent Kuwaiti culture at VU. We want to support academic life for Kuwaiti students at VU by offering social and sporting events to Kuwaiti students.

Facebook: Kuwaiti Students
Twitter: @ksgvu

Malaysian Association (VUMA)

VUMA aims to represent the interest of the Malaysian students while promoting social and cultural exchange with other students in Victoria University. Be a part of our family and get to know more about our beautiful country that is filled with exotic culture. We welcome everyone to be a part of our group.

Facebook: VUMA and VUMA Facebook group

Pacific Students Association

We are a network of students who offer moral, social and academic support to local and international Pacific students. We run sports activities like tennis and volleyball and many cultural activities.

News article: VU Pacific Students Association

Sri Lankan Students Association

We are a group of Sri Lankan students who aim to spread the Sri Lankan culture, especially to give these students who have moved abroad a sense of belonging. We aim to assist Sri Lankan students throughout their academic years and to provide social and student support by holding events and workshops throughout the year.

Facebook: Sri Lankan Students Association

VU Nepalese Students Association (VU-NSA)

VU-NSA is a common platform for all Nepalese students at Victoria University to work together, share ideas and experiences, and engage in social and cultural initiatives. It will also act as a cultural bridge between Nepalese students and students from other countries. We aim to promote and assist students in their social and educational activities at the University.



VU Greens Group

VU Greens Group is made up of like-minded people who share similar political views about social justice, human rights and the environment. The group provides a supportive atmosphere where students are able to discuss these important topics and create awareness about other Greens-aligned issues. VU Greens Group also offers a safe space for alternative policy debate.

You don’t need to have a political affiliation to join us.

Facebook: VU Greens

Labor Club

The Victoria University Labor Club aims to promote politics within the student population. It brings together students with similar political interests, while acting to promote networking capabilities and provide a general forum for discussion.

Facebook: VU Labor Club

Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance is an anti-capitalist political organisation with members throughout Australia. We support a democratic society run by and working for people, not the destructive elite that currently rules. Members of Socialist Alliance are active in campaigns on a wide range of issues.

Facebook: Socialist Alliance Society

Spiritual & religious

ACF Christian Fellowship

A Christian club at Victoria University to touch the lives of VU students with God’s love, bonding and growing together as a family in order to serve and glorify God.

Facebook: ACF Christian Fellowship

Islamic Society of Victoria University (ISVU)

A student body that represents Muslim students at VU, with cultural, social and religious events both on and off campus. The aim of the society is to bring together Muslim students at weekly, monthly and annual events.

Facebook: Islamic Society

Sport & recreation

Victoria University Social Sport Society (VUSSS)

VUSSS at O-Fest 2015

VUSSS is a social sport club at Victoria University, which aims to create social, sporting and network opportunities. We aim to run over five events each year, with the desire to attract both new and existing students from an array of courses. We encourage involvement in university sport in a number of different capacities.

Facebook: VUSSS

VU Quidditch Club (VUQC)

Welcome to VU’s one and only quidditch team, Victoria University Quidditch Club! We're the newest playing team in Victoria and on the lookout for more players. If you're into Harry Potter, running around, and meeting fantastic people you should come to training! VUQC is a very welcoming team, so students: feel free to bring your friends!

Facebook: VUQC

Other sport clubs

There are a number of sport clubs affiliated with VU Sports.

A full list of sport clubs can be found on the Sport & Fitness page.

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