Student Consultative Group

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Victoria University is committed to creating a space where students and staff work together on teaching, learning, curriculum, administration and governance. 

VU is keen to ensure that our students are a key part of decision-making, where the outcome has a direct impact on them.

We want to involve past, current and future students in building a learning experience that is fit for purpose, and not only meets the needs of our students, but excites and delights them. 

The newly formed Student Consultative Group (SCG) aims to shift learning and teaching from something VU 'delivers' to students, to one where the student experience is a shared endeavour and collaboration.

Purpose & objectives

The purpose of this committee is to create a unified, diverse student voice, from active members of the student community.

Objectives include:

  • providing specific feedback as requested on staff and student projects and how they may affect students. This may take the form of:
    • workshops
    • surveys
    • user experience testing and feedback
    • direct involvement in VU projects as a team member
  • assisting in the development of student facing policy and strategic plans on Student Wellbeing, SSAF, Student Services and academic issues
  • advising university staff, council members and departments on current student-facing issues. 

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