Student-run publications give you the opportunity to create, share and inspire. Victoria University students design, produce and publish several publications and creative works.

Student magazines and journals include:

  • Hyde magazine: politics, society, health, art and entertainment
  • In Conversation with Creative Australians: guest speakers
  • Law & Justice Journal: peer-reviewed, topical legal discussion
  • Offset: poetry, prose, art, music, film, sculpture
  • Platform: words from the west.

Hyde magazine

Hyde Magazine is a student publication presented by Victoria University’s Student Union.

Hyde is a university magazine that engages with its community and the world through the lenses of politics, society, health, art and entertainment.

Its tone is serious enough to generate discussion, but light enough to read during lunch.

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The print magazine is free and available at all Victoria University campuses and in the local community.

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Law & Justice Journal

The Victoria University Law and Justice Journal is the flagship journal of the College of Law & Justice

It is a generalist student-run law publication, under the supervision of an academic managing editor. 

The journal aims to promote high-quality legal scholarship to all users of the law including academics, practitioners and students. The articles featured are generally shorter and more topical than in traditional legal publications.

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Offset creative arts journal

Offset is Victoria University’s Creative Arts Journal celebrating and engaging with writers, musicians, film makers and creative artists. Each year a select team of third-year students from the College of Arts produces and publishes the journal in conjunction with a launch and various other events throughout the year.

The journal is composed of:

  • prose
  • poetry
  • artwork
  • textiles
  • sculpture
  • multimedia.

Submitted by both Victoria University students, and from those in the wider community, Offset encourages contributions nationally and from around the globe. It welcomes contributions in other languages, and has in the past published works in both Arabic and Norwegian.


Platform magazine is made by Victoria University’s Professional Writing and Editing TAFE students under the guidance of teachers. It features poetry, fiction, non-fiction and photography.

Over the years, Platform has featured the work of some some of Australia's best known authors including John Marsden, Ilsa Evans, Cate Kennedy and John Clarke.

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