Student Ambassador Program

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VU's Student Ambassador Program gives you the opportunity to build your communication, leadership and professional networking skills.

As a university and student body representative, you'll meet with a variety of people and create positive opportunities for yourself and for our university.

Share your enthusiasm and experience with future VU students, parents and teachers.

Benefits of being an ambassador

Being an ambassador is a rewarding job with many benefits. They include:

  • having fun while earning money
  • enhancing your communication and leadership skills
  • gaining valuable work experience
  • flexibility to choose your shifts each week based available opportunities
  • broadening your networks.

In this diverse role, you will be required to represent the University and its course offerings at a range of events, including:

  • school, community and major expos
  • Open Day and other VU recruitment events
  • school visits (both on campus and at the schools)
  • information sessions.

You may also be required to make presentations, take part in student panels, attend events and conduct campus tours.

Key requirements

To become an ambassador, you need to be enthusiastic about your course and about VU. You should also want to share your enthusiasm and experience with future students.

As an employee of the University, you will be required to uphold our Strategic Plan and adhere to the University’s Code of Conduct.

Student Leadership Model

The Student Ambassador Program is part of the Student Leadership Model (SLM), which aims to develop leadership abilities among current students.

The SLM program also provides many non-financial benefits for Student Ambassadors, such as:

  • free professional development
  • the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars
  • the opportunity to gain qualification through recognition of prior learning (RPL).