Student Leadership Program

Student Leadership Program

Our program offers unique and free professional development opportunities to develop your leadership skills and help you stand out from the crowd.

Leaderships skills will help you develop professionally and boost your employability.

Make new friends, learn about yourself and have fun! 

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Leadership snacks: bite-sized learning

Leadership Snacks are a bite-sized (1 hour) introduction to a topic relating to leadership. Each month, an expert will explore a different skill or topic that will help you grow as a leader.

Attending will earn you 2 Leadership Activity points towards the LEAD Program.

2024 Leadership Snacks

Monday 26 February, 4-5pm, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Join this inspiring virtual session led by Gen Z CEO, Jahin Tanvir, as we tackle Imposter Syndrome head-on. Discover actionable strategies to confront self-doubt, cultivate confidence, and celebrate your accomplishments. Gain valuable insights into identifying and reshaping negative thought patterns, nurturing resilience, and fostering a supportive community. Together, let's conquer Imposter Syndrome and unleash your limitless potential!

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Monday 18 March, 4–5pm: Strategic Foresight – Imagining Futures

Strategic foresight is a skill and a mindset that combines elements of future studies, creativity and strategic analysis to imagine a range of potential future scenarios. This session will focus on using strategic foresight to plan for the next pandemic and explore how weak signals today have the potential to shape and impact our world tomorrow. Presenter Matiu Bush is a nurse practitioner and a PhD Candidate focusing on pandemic preparedness. Their research has developed a pandemic quarantine capability framework to support Governments in improving pandemic preparedness.

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2023 Leadership snacks

Take a look back at our 2023 leadership snacks:

Workplace skills

Boost your employability by learning useful workplace skills

Leadership skills

Learn from a range of diverse and inspirational leaders

Get support

Get ongoing support from our leadership team

Student testimonials (leadership program)


I enjoyed my university time because of the Student Leadership Program. I’ve met inspiring and goal oriented students ready to become leaders of the future. The program prepared me to be a great leader someday, just like the inspiring guest speakers and individuals I’ve met on this journey


Participating in the Student Leadership Program has given me exposure to an aspect of VU that I would not have otherwise seen, and allowed me to interact with some great role models and gain a lot of confidence and skills


I’ve had more opportunity to network with others outside my discipline, as well as learning some new leadership qualities and reinforcing those I already had