Start a new club, re-affiliate an existing one and discover tips on how to run your club.

Have a great idea? Apply for a Student Life Grant – you can receive up to $500.

Start a new club

Do you have an idea for a unique and fun new club? Or have you already started a new club and want to affiliate with VU? Affiliating a club with Student Life gives you access to exclusive opportunities, including:

  • Student Life funding and grants
  • professional development
  • ongoing support from a VU Clubs Officer.

If you wish to start a new club, you should first check to see if a similar club already exists.

Policies & procedures

Steps to affiliate a new club

  1. Fill in the Enquiry Form to tell us about your idea for a new club.
    Alternatively, you can contact the VU Clubs Officer at [email protected] with your new club idea. They will advise you if a similar club already exists, and talk you through the affiliation steps if the idea is approved.
  2. To affiliate a new club you will need to have a minimum of 10 current VU students signed on as members, of which four are to be elected as the executive committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary).
    The election of the executive committee, by democratic vote, must occur at an Inaugural General Meeting held by the cub members. Meeting minutes should be recorded to reflect the club name, purpose and the elected committee members. The new executive will then fill in the prescribed affiliation forms. Once all forms are completed the clubs officer will send confirmation of affiliation to the club via email.
    Download these resources to assist you with setting up a new club. They contains links to all relevant documents and forms to be completed.
    Student Group Guide 1
    Student Group Guide 2
  3. Check in with the VU Clubs Officer at [email protected] regarding how much funding your club is eligible for and how the funding process works.
  4. Register all executive members for the mandatory clubs induction training.

Forms & support

We are dedicated to providing all VU clubs with training and ongoing support to help with club management, finances and much more.

In addition, we provide training and professional development opportunities to club executives.

Our forms are currently being updated. In the meantime, if you need a form, please email [email protected].

Re-affiliate an existing club

Affiliation for each club is valid from 1 November until 31 October the following year. Continuing clubs must apply to re-affiliate on an annual basis.

Re-affiliation period

Clubs are to re-affiliate by 1 November each year. This is to ensure that clubs are affiliated in time for important events occurring early in semester.

Clubs that wish to re-affiliate will go through the process during their AGM and then submit their re-affiliation documents as soon as possible, to ensure that their club can fully operate from the beginning of semester 1. Clubs cannot request their allocated funding until their affiliation forms have been received and induction training has been attended.

The new club executives will officially take over management of the club after 1 November and carry out their roles until 31 October.

All affiliation or re-affiliation applications received after 1 November will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with the VU Clubs Officer for assistance or advice.

How to re-affiliate

Clubs that wish to re-affiliate must: