Victoria University Motorsport (VUM) is a student group led by Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students.

We design, analyse and build an open wheeled race car which competes in the Formula-SAE motorsport competition.

You're welcome to join if you are studying any undergraduate degree at VU. VUM attends many events during the year including Open Day, Formula 1, Phillip Island Circuit and many more.

Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (F-SAE) project

We are currently building a new FSAE car (Abi) which is expected to be completed by this year’s competition.

The project is largely extra curricula and is managed by the students.

We are responsible for:

  • creating a project plan
  • developing a budget
  • securing sponsorship
  • designing all manufactured components
  • building and racing the vehicle.

Throughout the project the students develop many life-long skills which cannot be taught within a classroom environment.

It is a creative space for motorsport enthusiasts to gain real life experience, preparing them for the workforce.


The VUM SAE car consists of a tubular steel chassis, which is powered by a  motorcycle engine.

The car is designed using design and analysis tools such as Ricardo, Solidworks, ANSYS and OpitmumG to enhance its performance and reliability.

 Victoria University Motorsports SAE car with students

VUM members about to do a test run on Abi.

Aero Package Analysis on Abi using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Sports sedan project

Victoria University Motorsport (VUM) has joined with Clements Motorsport with the aim of designing and developing a Subaru BRZ Sports Sedan race car.

The project is led by VUM with the support of recent VU graduates and staff and includes the following tasks:

  • design of a tubular space frame chassis
  • suspension design
  • aerodynamics analysis
  • ergonomics
  • production drawings.

BRZ skeleton.

 BRZ with main bodywork installed.

BRZ with main bodywork installed.


Although the students design the entire car and fabricate a large percentage of the components, the team relies heavily on support from external sponsors.

Support from our sponsors comes in various forms including:

  • services
  • materials
  • financial support
  • supplies
  • specialist advice.

In return for their support our sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • exposure during events such as the FSAE competition weekend and University open day
  • media recognition
  • photographs of our FSAE car which can be used for marketing purposes
  • connection to the community.

VUM's major sponsors

Many thanks to our sponsors (highest contributing sponsors are listed first):

  • Big Ideas Company: provides free storage and assistance with solutions to manufacturing issues.
  • T A Duckworth: provided quality turning and machining.
  • Charlcom Fabrication: provides free services including fabrication and turning.
  • Sunshine Gears: provided VUM with all drive shafts and sprockets splining services free of charge.
  • Compare The Market Car Insurance: proudly supporting VUM and all car owners by helping them compare products and prices side-by-side, so they can find affordable alternatives in minutes. Simples!
  • Trackart: fabricated the chassis for our next F-SAE car at a heavily discounted price.
  • Savvy Finance: a proud supporter of VUM that provided funds to support the project. Being one of Australia's leading car finance brokers, Savvy has helped thousands of Australians find a great finance deal.
  • EPG Engines: Provided a quality Kohler engine free of charge. If you need a small stationary engine, check out the Kohler range!
  • Haltech: provided a quality ECU at a heavily discounted price.
  • Aztec Cutting Solutions: provides VUM with discounted waterjet cutting.
  • Asset Design and Display: provided top quality laser cutting services at no cost (phone: +61 3 9457 2641).
  • Action Aluminium: provides VUM with discounted materials.
  • Custom Plenum Creations: provided VUM with custom handmade intake system out of aluminium at discounted price.
  • SolidWorks: provided free student licenses for Solidworks.
  • Rocket Industries: provides VUM with quality performance products at a discounted rate.
  • VPW: provides VUM with quality performance products at a discounted rate.
 Sponsor logos attached to 'Abi'.

Become a sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our team please email our academic supervisor Dr Matthew Lamb at [email protected].

Contact us

Dr Matthew Lamb, Senior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering) and Formula SAE academic advisor.

College of Engineering & Science

Email: [email protected]

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