Have fun and get support when you need it. Join our Student Union or student associations and get the most out of your time at Victoria University.

VU Student Union (VUSU)

VUSU is the peak body representing and supporting all students at Victoria University.

VUSU provides a range of representation and general services to students on all of our campuses.

We organise social events on- and off-campus, including:

  • orientation parties
  • end of exams parties
  • on-campus pop-up pubs!

VUSU also organises forums to discuss students’ views and issues. These forums help to inform senior staff at Victoria University of issues important to students.

Keep a look out for the VUSU annual ball, weekly breakfasts, and our famous O-Week parties! It's going to be an awesome year!

Website: www.vustudentunion.com

Facebook: VUSU on Facebook

Twitter: @vusu

Email: [email protected]

International Student Association (ISA)

ISA is currently affiliated with the Victoria University Student Union (VUSU) and was founded in 2002. It is the peak representation of all international students within VU, acting to provide guidance and advice when students need it most. We run diverse events and activities for international students so you can enjoy your new life at VU. We also provide practical advice in career and academic opportunities.

Location: There are two ISA offices:

Facebook: ISA on Facebook

Email: [email protected]

Postgraduate Association

Victoria University Postgraduate Association (VUPA) provides:

  • postgraduate representation
  • a channel to share postgraduate information and concerns
  • academic and social events.

Join us if you are a postgraduate student at VU and want to embrace your university experience!

Website: VUPA

Facebook: VUPA on Facebook

Email: [email protected]