Other surveys for students, researchers & graduates

Help us improve Victoria University by giving feedback. You might also have the opportunity to win a prize.

The Learner Questionnaire (LQ) is a government survey for all students completing a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma qualification. The survey will be emailed to eligible students.

Your feedback is important to identify improvement opportunities in VU programs.

Promotion period: 3 October 2022 until 28 October 2022.

The Employers Questionnaire (EQ) survey is a government survey for apprentice and trainee employers. The survey will be emailed to employers.

Your feedback is important to identify improvement opportunities in VU programs.

Promotion period: 3 - 29 October 2022.

Each year (around August) Victoria University participates in the Student Experience Survey (SES). The survey gives you the chance to talk about your experience of studying at VU.

You will be invited to participate in the SES through your VU student email, which will contain a link to access the survey. You may also receive the invitation by post.

The results of this research are used to help Victoria University and the government gain insight into students' experiences, and to monitor and improve teaching and learning in Australia.

The Student Experience Survey for 2023 is open from 27 July to 27 August 2023.

The CREQ competition is open to currently enrolled Victoria University graduate research students who complete the 2023 Current Research Experience Questionnaire (CREQ) during the promotion period.

There are two (2) prizes to be won. Each prize will consist of one $250 voucher.

Enter by completing the 2023 CREQ survey (accessed via the link emailed to you).

Promotion period: Monday 27 November 2023 and close on Friday 8 December 2023.

The Student Evaluation of Unit (SEU) and Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) are the major internal University surveys that give you the opportunity to rate your experience with teaching practices and tell us about your experience learning the unit. We appreciate feedback that is designed to improve learners’ performance and achievement, and teaching practices.

When completing the surveys, please refer to our guidelines for providing useful feedback.

Make sure your feedback is:

  • Goal-directed: Provide a clear explanation of what is expected or required.
  • Timely: Give feedback while there is still time for the teachers to act on it and to monitor and adjust their teaching. 
  • Behaviour-focused: Behaviour-focused: Rather than focusing on personality, feedback should reference teaching practices during the unit and allow scope for change.
  • Positive and encouraging: Balance suggestions for improvement with strengths you have observed and what the teacher/unit did well. Encourage improvement with practical and specific suggestions.
  • Change focused: Suggest strategies to maintain strengths and improve weaknesses; take a problem-solving approach that highlights the consequences both positive and negative of particular behaviours or actions.
  • Encouraging of reflection: Limit your feedback to what teaching staff can reasonably accept and action; consider the context of the errors you've observed.
  • Accepting of errors as part of learning: Let teachers know when there's been a misunderstanding and recognise this is a normal part of moving towards greater understanding and success.
  • Respectful: Be mindful of acceptable boundaries; respect confidentiality; and use language that is non-judgemental. Provide your feedback in a relaxed, mutually agreed setting.
  • Verified: Check that the college and teaching staff have understood the intention and meaning of your feedback.
  • Documented: Note ongoing and specific observations, and key suggestions for improvement.


Keep in Touch Competition

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The winner of the 2021 Keep in Touch Competition is Clemence Neylan.