Please refer to your course delivery plan on this page to see if you need to enrol in subjects/units in a particular sequence. These course delivery plans are for students studying in the College of Arts & Education.

It is your responsibility to check that you have completed any pre-requisite and co-requisite units for your chosen units of study.

Plans are published as they become available.

If your delivery plan is not available yet, you can check your course structure by referring to your course page.

Enrolment for all courses is completed online.

International students

Part-time study is generally not available to international student visa holders. Full-time study is required to complete within the duration of your electronic CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment).

View the international version of your course page to see relevant fee, admission and study mode information for international students.

Majors, minors & units on offer

Majors, minors and breadth minors have replaced specialisations in the College of Arts & Education. Students who need to complete a specialisation are required to choose units in a major that matches their previous specialisation.

All units in the majors and minors are what used to be known as electives.

Students in degrees that require electives can choose units from any major or minor as long as pre-requisites have been met.

Disability studies

Hear from Belinda Webb, Lecturer in the Disability studies major & minor.

Political science

Hear from Charlotte Fabiansson, Senior Lecturer of Political science.


Hear from Greg Aronson, Lecturer & Co-chair of Music.