Majors, minors and breadth minors have replaced specialisations in the College of Arts & Education. We have a range of interesting majors and minors for you to choose from.

Students who need to complete a specialisation are required to choose units in a major that matches their previous specialisation.

All units in the majors and minors are what used to be known as electives. Students in degrees that require electives can choose units from any major or minor as long as pre-requisites have been met.

Video testimonials

Communication Studies

Hear from Paul Bronson, Coordinator for Communication Studies.

Digital Media

Hear from Natasha Dwyer, Senior Lecturer & Coordinator, Digital Media.

Disability Studies

Hear from Belinda Webb, Lecturer in the Disability Studies Major & Minor.

Gender Studies

Hear from Jennie Rea, Associate Professor, Gender Studies Minor.


Hear from Professor Rob Pascoe, Lecturer, History Major & Minor

International Development

Hear from Nicole Oke, Coordinator, International Development Minor

Literary Studies

Hear from Karina Smith, Senior Lecturer in Literary Studies and Gender Studies


Hear from Greg Aronson, Lecturer & Co-chair of Music.

Political Science

Hear from Charlotte Fabiansson, Senior Lecturer of Political science.


Hear from Paul Russell, Lecturer, Sociology Major & Minor

Teaching English as an additional language

Hear from Oksana Raoumova, Lecturer in TESOL

Visual Arts

Hear from Megan Campbell, Lecturer and Coordinator of Visual arts.


Hear from Jenny Lee, Senior Lecturer, Writing major and minor

Youth Work

Hear from Robyn Broadbent, Chair and Coordinator of Youth Work, Student Welfare Major & Minor