You must re-enrol each year to secure a place in your course.

You can re-enrol online, or, if required, by completing an enrolment form at VUHQ or an enrolment hub.

If you need support during the enrolment process, refer to the MyVU re-enrolment guide or contact a Student Advisor:

Your responsibilities

There are a number of important things to do before you re-enrol for the upcoming academic year.

You are responsible for ensuring that your enrolment record is up to date at all times. If you have recently moved or have changed your name, gender, or citizenship status, please let us know by updating your personal details.

Before enrolling, check whether there are any unit pre- or co-requisites you need to satisfy, as well as whether or not your chosen units are offered in the upcoming study periods.

We recommend you check:

  • your course delivery plan (to help you select units in the correct order)
  • the 2020 timetable (to see which units are running and when)
  • MyVU (after it opens for online re-enrolment, to confirm your units).

If you re-enrol before your previous study-period results are released, we recommend checking your enrolment again once you receive your results. If you fail a unit, you need to find out how this affects your enrolment and progression.

Your College/School Course & Unit Advisor (CUA) will be able to provide advice on study plan and unit selection. Seek advice from CUAs in each discipline if you are enrolled in a double degree. Visit VUHQ if you are not sure who to contact.

If you enrol in less than a full-time study load for the year, remember that you are expected to complete your course within the expected course duration.

If you are an International student, you must meet your student visa conditions. This means that you are expected to complete your course within the duration outlined in your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Find out more about the implications of changing your study load.

You are expected to enrol in all compulsory study periods before the start of the academic year.

If you wish to take time off from study, you must apply for an approved leave of absence. Unauthorised breaks in study may result in your course enrolment lapsing. This would mean reapplying for your course if you wanted to return to study.

You are responsible for re-enrolling before Census, and paying your fees by their due date.

Paying after the due date will incur a late payment fee on your account.

How to re-enrol

Online re-enrolment for the following academic year usually opens at the end of October. You will be notified by email when it opens - we encourage you to check your student email regularly.

To secure your place in your course, you must re-enrol by the date specified in the email. A late enrolment fee may apply if you miss the re-enrolment deadline.

Online re-enrolment

If you have received the 'Online enrolment is open' notification, you are ready to go!

Simply go to MyVU > My course > Enrol now and complete all the steps to re-enrol online for the relevant study periods.

Make sure you are using Google Chrome with Pop-ups enabled.

Refer to our MyVU re-enrolment guide for support.

Vocational Education & Training (VET) students

If you’re re-enrolling into further units within your current course/s, you'll receive a re-enrolment form via both your Victoria University and personal email accounts.

Once received, you must fill in the relevant information, sign at the bottom of the form and return to [email protected] prior to commencing your additional units.

Where required, please provide the following documentation:

  • a valid certified copy of your concession card must be provided, if you wish to claim the concession rate on fees (State Government–subsidised students studying Certificate I-IV)
  • signed parental consent form if you are under 18.

For any change of name or citizenship status since the last enrolment, find out which documents you need to submit at your enrolment session.

Amending your units

You may change your units without penalty at any time prior to the published enrolment deadlines.

If you withdraw from your units or course after the Census date, you will receive a fail grade and incur financial penalties.

Enrolment confirmation

Once you have completed your enrolment, you can download an enrolment confirmation letter to provide to third parties if needed (e.g. Centrelink, your bank or your employer).

For the current enrolment period, your official enrolment confirmation letter will be available to download within 48 hours of enrolment via MYVU.

If you would like to request a letter outside of the current study period, you need to complete and submit the Application for Enrolment Confirmation Letter form in person at VUHQ or via MYVU.