Our biomechanics labs are designed to perform technique analysis and understand the mechanical factors that affect human movement.

Research in the biomechanics lab

The Biomechanics Laboratory forms part of the world-class sport and exercise science research infrastructure at Footscray Park Campus in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The laboratory is recognised as a leading biomechanics-research facility in Australia and conducts world-class research in sport and gait biomechanics.

It is extensively equipped for data collection with human participants using:

  • three 3-D movement analysis systems
  • an AMTI force-plate embedded motorised treadmill
  • 8 stationary AMTI force plates.

Other apparatus includes:

  • a Noraxon EMG telemetry system
  • Pedar and F-scan in-shoe pressure measurement
  • body-mounted inertial sensor system
  • high-speed cameras
  • a virtual-reality environment for movement simulations.

Data processing is undertaken using Visual3D, Vicon Nexus and MATLAB platforms running on a dedicated computer network.


Motion capture systems

Three-dimensional motion capture systems (and number available):

  • Vicon MX-T 40S camera system (14).
  • Vicon Bonita camera system (14)
  • Optotrak Certus (Northern Digital Inc.) motion capture system (9)
  • Photron SA3 and MC2 high-speed camera systems
  • Xsens MVN Biomech inertial sensor system for tracking 3D body segment kinematics directly.

Ground-reaction forces

Measurement of ground-reaction forces (and number available):

  • AMTI ground embedded force platform (8)
  • AMTI treadmill embedded force platform (1)

Foot pressure:

  • PKMAS walkway pressure mat for measuring foot centre of pressure and spatio-temporal parameters 
  • Pedar and Tekscan shoe insole system for measuring dynamic foot pressure distribution during gait

Electromyography (EMG)

Noraxon 16 channel telemetered and hard wired systems for measuring muscle activity.

Virtual Reality environment

Oculus Rift 3D goggles.

Sophisticated computerised analysis software:

  • Visual3D (C-Motion) software
  • Silicon Coach and Vicon Nexus
  • ProAnalyst (2D and 3D analysis)
  • Matlab, Labview
  • AnyBody Technology.

Laboratory facilities

The Victoria University Biomechanics laboratory was purpose-built to undertake state-of-art biomechanics research with applications to Sport, Gait and Balance.

The Laboratory occupies 436m2 with 11-metre high ceiling to accommodate high-jump athletics and overhead filming.

There is a 12m door incorporating an external runway with embedded force plates.

The facility has: impact resistant walls three 4m-by-4m data projection screens an equipment control room. The lab can be sub-divided into four spaces for concurrent use.

Lab staff

The Laboratory has:

  • four full-time academic staff
  • a technical manager and technician
  • four postdoctoral research fellows
  • 20 higher degree research students (PhD/Masters/Honours).