Elda Vaccari collection

The Vaccari collection contains over 4000 unique titles and was formed in 1990 from donations to Victoria University (VU) Library by the Vaccari Foundation and later the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs Library. It is housed in the Footscray Park Campus Library.

History of the Collection

Since its formation the collection has been augmented by other donations, with over 600 items donated by individuals added to the initial collection since 1990. In 1996 the closure of the Melbourne branch of the Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research Library resulted in the donation of over 700 new books to the Vaccari Collection.

The Vaccari Foundation funded the Vaccari Vertical file project from 1997-1999. This three year project enabled the Library to catalogue the Vertical File of 3570 articles that were donated to the Vaccari collection from researchers in the Faculty of Arts at VU and from the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs Library.

What's in the Collection?

The Vaccari Collection is a significant resource for researchers interested in the history and culture of the many peoples who have immigrated to Australia, since the first European settlement in 1788.

The collection's strengths are information about the smaller ethnic communities in Australia, the elderly/ageing population in Australia, and government agency information.

Other features are materials relating to:

  • migrant women's concerns
  • the ethnic aged
  • community care programs
  • cultural policies and heritage
  • ethnic identity
  • community relations
  • migrant education issues
  • folklore.

Vaccari Digitisation Project (VDP)

The VDP began on July 1st 2000 and finished on the 30th June 2003. It was a three year project funded by the Gualtiero Vaccari Foundation to translate and digitise rare research articles from the Vaccari Collection Vertical File to make them available to researchers around the world via the web. At its conclusion, 36 Italian language articles from the Vaccari Collection Vertical File were scanned and translated with both the original article and the English translation being loaded onto the VU Library Catalogue.

Access to the Collection

The Vaccari Collection is maintained and promoted as a distinct special collection within Footscray Park Campus Library. Its items are available for loan by members of Victoria University Library. All items on the Vaccari Collection are included in the Library Catalogue and are identified by the prefix: FTS V.COLL.

The Library Catalogue can be accessed in the Library (check opening hours). The Vaccari Collection is stored at the Footscray Park campus and items need to be retrieved for borrowing.

Please contact us on +61 3 9919 4518 the working day prior to your arrival to have items available when you arrive.