Motor learning & skilled performance laboratories

The motor learning and skilled performance laboratories are a suite of laboratory spaces designed to study and analyse the acquisition, performance, and perceptual-cognitive aspects of movement and related skills.

Research in motor learning & skilled performance

This lab is used for measuring skill execution (outcome) and component performance in perceptual-cognitive tests such as anticipation, tactical skills, decision making, and skill selection.

This includes testing learning and performance interventions. The lab can be divided into a number of different configurations, with three main spaces for concurrent usage.  It includes impact-resistant walls, a fully-sprung floor for simulated indoor sports, matte walls for life size video projections, and a sophisticated ceiling grid with precision filming, projection, and lighting control.

Test rooms

Three adjacent small laboratory areas designed for notational analysis, general and specific perceptual and cognitive testing, game pattern analysis, behaviour coding, and decision making coding and testing.

Motor behaviour teaching laboratory

Motor behaviour teaching laboratory is used for practical small group teaching sessions and equipment familiarisation in Motor Learning, Motor Control and related units.

The lab is used for skill acquisition, skill expertise and visual perception. Special features include 3D video, motion capture, eye capture, timing gates and pressure mats.

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