The exercise physiology labs study human exercise performance and fundamental human physiology in sport, exercise, and health.


Our exercise physiology labs

Our facilities include:

Human Performance Laboratory: for athlete and general physiology testing. Fully supported by state of the art equipment for respiratory and metabolic analyses, ergometry, power output measurements, ECG, EMG, NIRS, Doppler ultrasound.

Muscle Strength and Power Laboratory: for comprehensive analysis of muscle function and performance.

Environmental Exercise Laboratory: for simultaneously acclimatising up to ten athletes in heat and at high humidity, as well as exercise at simulated altitude in a low oxygen environment.

Heat Chamber: for human or materials testing in precisely controlled adverse climatic environments. These facilitate industry collaboration in testing equipment, clothing and product performance.

Body Composition Laboratory: for sophisticated determinations of body density and anthropometry. It includes a whole body laser scanner for rapid, high throughput determination of body dimensions.

Invasive Exercise Laboratory: for exercise science research utilising tissue sampling (e.g. muscle/fat biopsy and blood sampling), nutritional or pharmaceutical interventions to understand mechanisms of physiology in exercise.

Blood Biochemistry Laboratory: for immediate processing and analyses of acidity, electrolytes, glucose, lactic acid, and fluid shifts in blood collected from all exercise physiology laboratories.

Exercise Physiology Teaching Laboratory: utilising the latest technologies to teach exercise physiology.