Cloud hosting & file transfer

Researchers are increasingly taking advantage of cloud services to support their IT needs. A number of services are available to Australian researchers that provide free access to cloud resources.

All of these services can support secure multi-institutional, external and international access and data sharing.

NeCTAR cloud hosting

NeCTAR is partnering with Australian institutions and research organisations to create a national research cloud for Australian researchers. Victoria University (VU) has a development allocation for use in VU research projects and services on the cloud, as well as several allocations dedicated to specific research projects.

The NeCTAR cloud allows research projects and programs to host servers and therefore IT services as needed, for example web applications or computers to perform operations and calculations on demand.

In practice, VU staff and students have two options: do-it-yourself or use the VU research development allocation. Currently, VU staff are using the cloud for modelling and simulation (in place of a large computer), mobile phone data collection, simulating business to business services, developing data portals, VU's Research Data Australia database and for online collaboration environments.

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CloudStor+ storage solution

CloudStor+ is a high-performing and secure personal file storage solution, enabling researchers to easily and reliably store and share files 'in the Cloud'.

CloudStor+ is not recommended for long term secure retention of data and research records. The VU R: Drive (research data storage) has been established for this purpose.

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CloudStor large file transfer

The AARNet CloudStor service allows people to send or distribute a large file to a number of internal and external colleagues. Despite the name, you cannot 'store' files in CloudStor for any reasonable period. CloudStor is the equivalent of email for large files.

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For more information on use of NeCTAR and AARNet CloudStor/CloudStor+, please contact the eResearch team.