Research Fellowships

VU Research allocates and approves the University's resources for research and research training through the Research Fellowship program.

Research Fellowships are open to College-based academics to undertake strategically aligned research and research training activity.

Out of cycle round

The Out of Cycle Research Fellowship application round is open 7 January 2019 to 9 August 2019.

The 2019 out of cycle round is only available if:

  • you were on extended leave* between 24 September - 8 October 2018 (the two weeks before the standard round closes)
  • you commenced your first academic appointment with VU on or after 10 September 2018 and did not apply in the standard round
  • you are seeking bridging support.

*Extended leave means approved Parental Leave, Long Service Leave, Personal Leave of greater than 6 weeks duration.

Check the VU Research Fellowship Guidelines 2019 for more information.

Apply for an Out of Cycle Fellowship

Complete the relevant Out of Cycle Research Fellowship application form:

Fellowships available

There are three types of Research Fellowships available:

  • Priority Research Fellowship: for research and/or research training undertaken under the Priority FoR codes that contribute to the University’s research focus areas
  • Accreditation Research Fellowship: for research and/or research training undertaken under Accreditation FoR codes that contribute to the University’s research focus areas
  • Research Training Supervision (Only): for research training undertaken by academic staff who do not hold a Research Fellowship (Priority or Accreditation). This type includes, but is not restricted to the P18 Supervision.

2019 Research Fellowships

The standard round for VU Research Fellowships has now closed. A Selection Report is available providing details of the round and the results.


The appeals process is designed to ensure that Research Fellowship Applications have been assessed in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Fellowship Guidelines.   

VU Research will only consider appeals against administrative process issues and not against Flagship Panel recommendations, Deputy Vice-Chancellor decisions, any rankings or comments.

Before making an appeal, applicants should read the Appeals Guidelines.

In order to make an appeal, the Appeal Form must be used.

Appeals are due within 14 days of applicants receiving notification by email, including details of the appeal process.

Supervision of Higher degrees by research (HDR) students

Research Training Supervision (Only) fellowships are allocated automatically based on HDR supervision arrangements, reported by the Office for Research Training, Quality and Integrity.

Research Training allocations for College-based academic Staff in 2019 will be notified through the University’s Measure of Research Activity (MORA) System. College Deans are formally notified of Research Training allocations four times per year.