These researcher development opportunities cover everything you need to know to be a successful research supervisor at VU.

Supervisor registration

To supervise any HDR student at Victoria University, you must be formally registered and meet all the requirements set out in these policies:

If you are a current Victoria University staff member or hold an Adjunct/ Honorary appointment, please complete your registration online (follow the instructions to complete the online form).

External applicants who are requesting to be an Associate Supervisor at Victoria University can:

  1. complete the External Supervisor Registration as a Graduate Research Supervisor form
  2. send it to [email protected] with the required supporting documentation.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact [email protected].

Managing candidature

All internal supervisors will have access to view a snapshot (read-only) of each their candidate’s record.
This will enable you to identify when candidature milestones are due and track the timely submission date of the candidate. 
The Composition of Panel Candidature Milestone form for Confirmation of Candidature and the Application must be lodged online.
This can be accessed online using Quest. Use your VU Staff ID (e.g. 'e1234567') and password to log in.

Supervisor Development Program

All registered supervisors at Victoria University are required to undertake training at the time of initial registration, and also when upgrading from associate supervisor (Level 1) to principal supervisor (Level 2). Supervisors are also required to attend a supervisor refresher program every two years to ensure they are up to date with the current expectations of supervisors at VU.

  • Supervisor Induction: An introduction to being a research supervisor at VU – from candidate selection to examination. This is an online module compulsory for all newly registered (or new to VU) supervisors, including external supervisors.
  • Supervisor Refresher: Covering most of the information from Supervisor Induction, this session brings current supervisors up to date with VU's processes and procedures.
  • Step Up to Principal Supervisor: A three part linked workshop series providing supervisors with the knowledge and skills to move from an associate supervisory role to being a principal supervisor.
  • Supervisor Forum: This bi-annual event is a chance for supervisors to meet with the Dean, Graduate Research and senior staff in VU Research to discuss issues relating to research and supervision at VU.

Research Supervision Toolkit

The Research Supervision Toolkit was developed through an Office for Learning and Teaching project (including VU’s Professor Ron Adams and Emeritus Professor Helen Borland).

This resource has been developed to give confidence to new supervisors in emerging research areas by providing ideas for dealing with common issues. It provides a forum for discussing thoughts, experiences and reflections.