Research supervision

These researcher development opportunities cover everything you need to know to be a successful research supervisor at VU.

Become a Higher Degree by Research Supervisor

To supervise any HDR student at Victoria University, you must be formally registered and meet all the requirements set out in these policies:

Managing candidature

Supervisors can see a list of all students they are currently supervising by logging into the MoRA portal. This will not show completed students or those on LOA. The portal will show the elapsed candidature time of each student.

The Composition of Panel Candidature Milestone form for Confirmation of Candidature and the Application must be lodged online. This can be accessed online using Quest. Use your VU Staff ID (e.g. 'e1234567') and password to log in. 

Supervisor development program

These researcher development opportunities cover everything you need to know to be a successful research supervisor at VU.

All registered supervisors at Victoria University are required to undertake a supervisor induction at the time of initial registration. Additional training is required for supervisors when upgrading from associate supervisor (Level 1) to principal supervisor (Level 2). 

Internal supervisors are now required to attend a minimum of one hour of supervisor development training per year to update their knowledge in supervisory practice.  

  • Supervisor Induction: An introduction to being a research supervisor at VU – from candidate selection to examination. This is an online module compulsory for all newly registered (or new to VU) supervisors, including external supervisors. 
  • Step Up to Principal Supervisor: A three part linked workshop series providing supervisors with the knowledge and skills to move from an associate supervisory role to being a principal supervisor.
  • Excellence in Supervision: This range of training events and development opportunities are a chance for supervisors at all levels to expand their skills and knowledge about excellent supervisory practice. It includes sessions such as:
    • Supervisor Forums
    • Attracting and retaining high performing students/including assessing admission requests
    • Challenging supervisions, including discontinuation/change of supervisor/boundaries
    • Chairing Milestone Panels (invitation only)

Student/supervisor relationship

While approaches to supervision, work styles and interactions with students may vary, our supervisors will provide:

  • academic support to help develop the knowledge and skills to achieve the highest standard of research
  • regular feedback on the design, management and analysis of data and information, presentation of results, thesis content and drafts
  • advice on the standard of performance and progress to ensure timely completion
  • the names and credentials of suitable thesis examiners
  • close and regular contact to support you from commencement to the award of your degree
  • career advice and assistance.

The supervision registration and development procedure sets out the steps and guidelines for:

  • appointing internal and external HDR supervisors
  • achieving, maintaining and reviewing HDR supervisor registration
  • registration levels
  • supervision development
  • the de-registration process
  • changes in supervision
  • managing conflict.

All HDR students and supervisors should also familiarise themselves with the HDR Procedure 7: Supervision. The process for Change in Supervision is found on the managing your candidature page.