Digitising preserves materials, provides access to remote users, can reduce the demand for storage and adds value to web resources.

We do not provide any local digitisation services. There are, however, a range of external services you can use, some of which offer a discount due to VU membership (i.e. CAVAL).

CAVAL Digitising Service

CAVAL was established by university libraries (primarily in Victoria) to provide services to member libraries.

CAVAL Digitising Service specialises in digitising bound volumes of books and journals, including rare and fragile items, and larger format documents such as maps. This results in improved access to the material while providing a digital image ideal for archival storage.

For more information contact CAVAL Digitising Service by emailing [email protected] or phone +61 3 9459 2722.

Do-it-yourself digitisation

While you may choose the do-it-yourself option, be aware of the time, expense and knowledge required to do it properly.

Refer to these guidelines on tackling some of the issues you may encounter:

Contact us if you are seeking to retain digital records or collections.

Contact us

We have connections with researchers who specialise in 3D imaging of cultural objects.

Contact the eResearch team for more information about digitisation.