Preparing for candidature

Throughout the lifecycle of a Higher Degree by Research (HDR), students (pre-candidature) and candidates are periodically reviewed by an independent panel to demonstrate to the University that high quality research is being undertaken and in a timely manner.

This page provides all the necessary information and forms to help prepare for a candidature milestone review.

Attend a candidature milestone presentation

Support your fellow graduate researchers as they progress through their research degrees by attending an upcoming online presentation.

HDR candidature milestone presentation schedule (PDF, 193.7 KB)

Timelines for candidature

It is the student/candidate’s responsibility to be aware of their timelines and discuss this with supervisors in advance of a due date.

The timelines for each review are:

Guidelines (All candidature milestones)

This set of Guidelines has been developed to assist research students/candidates, supervisors and professional staff engaging in the Confirmation of Candidature, Mid-Candidature and Towards Submission Milestone processes at Victoria University.

See Candidature Milestone Review guidelines (PDF, 764.45 KB) for more information.


Schedule a review: Composition of Panel

To schedule your milestone review, please liaise with your supervisor to finalise a date and time. The Principal Supervisor is responsible for organising the Panel, including the Chair.

Contact the Candidature Team to obtain a current list of approved Panel Chairs.

Refer to Candidature Milestone Review guidelines (PDF, 764.45 KB) for the panel composition criteria.


All candidates have access to their Candidature and Professional Development funds after achieving Confirmation of Candidature.

These are two separate funds and should be itemised as such.

Refer to the budget guide (see below) that correlates to your initial commencing enrolment date:

Forms & submission requirements

Refer to the following requirements, before you make a submission:


Your pre-candidature may be extended for a defined period up to a maximum of 12 months (EFT) from the commencement of your pre-candidature phase. To obtain an extension you must have experienced unanticipated difficulties during the pre-candidature period as a result of one or more of the following:

  • disruption to supervision
  • change in focus and direction of the proposed project
  • revision required in the review process leading up to presentation for candidature
  • difficulties in scheduling of candidature confirmation deliberations and/or in convening a suitable confirmation panel
  • documented personal illness or other serious personal difficulties
  • other unforeseen disruptions beyond your control that have directly impacted on your capacity to prepare for candidature.

Complete an application for extension form (PDF, 351.37 KB).

If you need to extend your pre-candidature, please contact the Graduate Research School within six months (effective full-time) of the commencement of your pre-candidature.