Australian Access Federation (AAF)

The AAF allows cross-institutional secure access to resources and services using your home institution's username and password.

Victoria University is a subscribing institution in the federation, providing our students and staff with access to a range of services in the AAF service catalogue.

How it works

Any service or website accessible through the AAF will give you an option/button/link for logging in via the AAF.

When asked for your organisation or provider, select Victoria University from the list.

The AAF will use your VU username (AD login, starting with 'e' or 's') and password.

Collaborator access

By default, only Australian university staff or students are a part of the AAF.

View the full list of current subscribers

If you need your collaborators (international, industry, non-university contacts) to have AAF access to services, please speak with the eResearch team. They can provide your collaborators with a collaborator AAF account.

Your collaborators will then need to select 'AAF Virtual Home' or 'Australian Access Federation' when asked to select their organisation/provider.

Login issues

If you're having trouble logging in, make sure you can login to the MYVU Portal, as the login page is the same. If you can login to the Portal, you should have access to many AAF services.

Please note that changing your MYVU Portal password will also change your desktop login, email and other passwords at VU.

Some services may require other arrangements to be in place first, so try reading the service provider's documentation. For more information, contact the eResearch team.

Contact us

Contact the eResearch team for more information about the AAF.