Congratulations on your offer, and welcome to Victoria University (VU)!

Follow our step-by-step instructions to successfully enrol and secure your place.

Vocational Education & Training (VET/TAFE) students

If you're enrolling in a Vocational Education and Training (VET/TAFE) course, you'll be invited to attend an enrolment session in person.

You'll find your enrolment session details in the offer email sent to your personal email account, along with important information about your course and documents you may need to provide.

Please read your offer email carefully, and come prepared with the required documents so that you can successfully enrol on the day.

You need to bring the following documents and information to your enrolment session:

  • Student ID number (found in your offer email)
  • Tax File Number (TFN) if you are applying for a VET Student Loan (VSL)
  • printed copy of your Unique Student Identifier
  • proof of citizenship (compulsory), which can be one of these:
    • birth certificate (birth certificate extract is not accepted)
    • valid passport 
    • Medicare card, with proof of age if you are under 20 (not accepted for VSL applications)
    • Australian Citizenship Certificate.

If you wish to apply for a VSL, you need to prove that you meet residency requirements. Check your eligibility to apply for a VSL, including what to bring.

You may also be required to provide these documents:

  • your offer email
  • copies of prior qualifications if you are seeking Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or credit transfer for previous study
  • school transition form (if you are under 17)
  • signed parental consent form if you are under 18
  • any relevant referral forms (if applicable)
  • valid concession card (for State Government–subsidised students who are studying Certificate I-IV).

Before you attend your enrolment session, you'll receive an enrolment pack that includes these documents:

  • enrolment form
  • pre-training review
  • Skills First form
  • statement of fees.

You'll need to complete and sign these documents at your enrolment session – there are print and copy facilities available if you need them. You may also receive your timetable on the day, if it is available.

Staff will be on hand at your enrolment session to help you with:

  • completing your enrolment pack
  • applying for, or verifying, your Unique Student Identifier
  • understanding Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Recognition of Current Competency, or Credit Transfer.

Find out more about applying for credit for skills and past study, including which documents you'll need to apply on the day.

Your enrolment form is usually processed within 48 hours of your enrolment session, or as soon as practicable. You'll be notified by SMS that your enrolment has been processed, at which point you can log in to MyVU to check your enrolment details.

Higher Education (HE) students

If you're enrolling in a Higher Education (HE) award course, you can accept your offer and enrol online via MYVU.

Non-award unit of study and complementary enrolment (cross-institutional) students will need to complete a hard-copy enrolment form.

What to prepare

To successfully complete your enrolment online and secure your place in your course, have the following information ready before you log in to MyVU.

Your unique Student ID number is included in the offer email sent to your personal email account.

If you are eligible for Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) and decide to defer your fees using the loan, you need to provide a valid TFN.

You can apply online for a TFN through the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

To defer your fees while waiting for your TFN, submit your ATO receipt (Certificate of Application for a TFN) either via MyVU or in person at VUHQ before your first enrolled census date.

Enrol online

When you're ready to enrol, go directly to MyVU, or click the Accept and Enrol Now link in your VU offer email.

MyVU is your gateway to Victoria University information, accessible on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer. Through MyVU, you can manage your enrolment, results, exams, timetables, email, fees and much more.

When enrolling, we recommend you use Google Chrome with Pop-ups enabled.

You'll need a valid VU Student ID and password to log in to MyVU – find this in your offer email.

Your username is 's' (lower case) followed by your student ID; for example: s1234567.

Your default password is set up to 'Temp' (uppercase T) followed by your date of birth in the format TempDDMMYYYY. For example: 12 May 1983 is written as Temp12051983

After entering your temporary password, you'll be prompted to create a new password. Keep these details safe for future use.

The MyVU Enrolment Guide provides detailed instructions on how to enrol. There are six steps to successfully complete the online enrolment process.

If you need help to decide which units to enrol in, the course plan is a great tool to help you select the correct units and study sequence for your course.

If you need support during the enrolment process, please contact a Student Advisor:

Research students

The enrolment process is slightly different for students who have accepted a place in a research program.  On acceptance, you'll be invited by the Office for Researcher Training, Quality & Integrity (ORTQI) to attend an enrolment session.

If you haven't received an invitation to attend enrolment, please contact [email protected].

You'll complete a hard-copy enrolment form at the enrolment session.

What to bring to your enrolment session

To successfully complete the enrolment process and secure your place in a research program at VU, bring the following documentation with you to your enrolment session:

  • Letter of Offer
  • original or certified copies of all documents submitted as part of the original application, or as requested in the invitation letter; this includes transcripts and statement of completion for prior study
  • valid passport, or full birth certificate (no extract), along with your driver licence
  • evidence of residency status (Permanent Residents only) e.g. a VEVO Check print out or any official documentation confirming Permanent Resident status in Australia.

Enrolment confirmation

Once you have enrolled, you can download your official enrolment confirmation for the current enrolment period. This will be available to download within 48 hours of enrolment via MyVU. This document can be provided to third parties, such as Centrelink, your bank, or your employer, as confirmation of your enrolment status at VU.

If you need to provide enrolment confirmation for previous study periods, you will need to complete the  Enrolment Confirmation Letter application and submit it online via MyVU or in person at VUHQ.

After you enrol

Once you have successfully enrolled, there are a few things you need to do before you start your studies.

Activate your VU student email

Follow the instructions to activate your VU student email account.

Select your timetable

Access MyTimetable via MyVU to select the location of your classes.

Access your Statement of Account

Log in to MyVU to view your Statement of Account (invoice) via the My Finances menu. Find out more about paying your fees.

Student ID card

Apply online for your VU student ID card.

Save MyVU as a favourite

Bookmark MyVU on your iOS or Android device for quick access to your VU student details including enrolment, timetable, Statement of Account (invoices), VU Collaborate results, and examination information.