MyVU gives you access to your Victoria University student details including invoices, enrolment, results and examination information.

Use MyVU to view your course applications, apply for scholarships and access online tools including:

  • Student Connect
  • VU Collaborate
  • VU Calendar.

Staff can also use MyVU to access a range of applications including Staff Connect, VU Develop and Learning Hub. 

Access MyVU

Access MyVU through your browser with the easy to remember URL— or use the Victoria University App.

Logging in to MyVU

You'll need a VU account and password to log in to MyVU.

For Students
  • Log-in with your username in the format s<student number> (e.g. [email protected]) followed by your MyVU Portal password if you already have one.
For Staff
  • Log-in with your username in the format e<staff number> (e.g. [email protected]) followed by your MyVU Portal password if you already have one.

If you are a first time user of MyVU, your default password will be set to “Temp” (uppercase T) followed by your date of birth in the following format TempDDMMYYYY. For example: Temp05091995.

When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. To create a secure password:

  • use a minimum of eight characters
  • don't use any dictionary words
  • don't use your own name or date of birth
  • include capital and lowercase letters
  • include numbers
  • include punctuation.

If you've previously nominated password retrieval options, you can reset your password by clicking on the ’Forgot password?’ link on the log-in page. If you haven't nominated password retrieval options, contact the Student Contact Centre or IT Customer Support to have your password manually reset.

If you've forgotten your student number, or need help resetting your password, click on the chat icon on the log-in page for help.

Tips for MyVU

  • We recommend using Google Chrome as the preferred browser.
  • Navigate using menu options and links. Avoid using the browser 'back' button.
  • For FAQs and troubleshooting, search for 'MyVU' on AskVU.
  • Remember to log-out at the end of each session, and close your browser window.