In order to submit a grant application at Victoria University you need to:

The process is as follows:

  1. Advise the Research Services of your intention to submit (via email to
  2. Approach peer reviewers (1 for <$50k; 2 for >$50k VU income and ARC/NHMRC), agree to timelines and provide them with form.
    More information on peer review for external grant applications.
  3. After peer review and final draft completed, fill in and sign Part 1 of the cover sheet and have it reviewed and signed by your College (Dean or Research Director), or Centre/Institute Director.
  4. Submit application to Research Services with fully signed cover sheet at least 5 days before due date for compliance and eligibility checking.
    More information on the Research contracts & grants cover sheet.

When a Dean, College Research Director or Director of Institute/Centre is named as a researcher on the application, a delegate/deputy will have to sign in their place.


There is an additional process for ARC and NHMRC funding schemes, which must first go through an internal 'notification of intent' phase before they can be considered for external submission.