Internal EOI for external research funding applications

The internal EOI process is required whenever an external funding body restricts the number of applications that can be submitted by the one institution in the same round/year.

The internal EOI process ensures that researchers have an equal opportunity to apply for schemes that place a limit on application numbers. Through internal assessment, the EOI process also ensures that the most competitive application(s) are submitted by the University.

EOI process

When a funding body has a grant scheme where it has restricted the number of applications:

  1. The Office for Research (OFR) will advertise the scheme internally through the research-info email list and outline the EOI process with due dates.
  2. Interested researchers complete an EOI template form and submit to the OFR.
  3. OFR distributes EOIs to Colleges and/or peer reviewers for assessment.
  4. Once assessments have been returned, OFR advises applicants of outcomes.

More information is available in the Internal EOI process for External Research Funding Applications sheet. (This is available to VU staff only, a username and password are required when off campus).

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