ARC funding

The Australian Research Council (ARC) supports the highest quality research and research training through national competition in all fields of science, social sciences and the humanities.

The ARC brokers partnerships between researchers and industry, government, community organisations and the international community.


    Funding schemes

    ARC funding schemes are divided into two categories:

    • Discovery Program (Discovery Projects, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Discovery Indigenous, Future Fellowship and Australian Laureate Fellowships schemes)
    • Linkage Program (Linkage Projects, ARC Centres of Excellence, Co-funded Centres, Industrial Transformation Research Program, Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities, Linkage Learned Academies Special Projects and Special Research Initiatives schemes).

    Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy

    The ARC Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy is applicable to all individuals engaging with the ARC.

    Indigenous cultural protocols

    The ARC recommends that ARC-funded research projects conform to the protocols for working with Indigenous artists.

    This covers Indigenous Australian:

    • music
    • writing
    • visual arts
    • media arts
    • performing arts.

    ARC Medical Research Policy

    In 2014, the ARC revised its definition of Medical and Dental Research. This definition aims to further clarify the eligibility of Proposals seeking ARC funding for research within this area.

    Medical and Dental Research means research and/or training primarily and substantially aimed at understanding or treating a human disease or health condition.

    Multi-institutional collaboration protocol

    VU encourages their researchers to collaborate on research projects with their colleagues at other Universities and Research Institutes. However, as research projects have a resource implication for both the researcher and the University, it is essential that VU researchers ensure that the funding resources to undertake their component of the project come to the University.

    Such negotiations with external colleagues can be challenging but it is only reasonable to expect that funds be provided to the University as part of a VU researcher's contribution and participation involvement in the research project. Research Services can provide researchers with advice and support for any such negotiations.

    VU Researchers who are collaborating on a research project where the application will be submitted through another institution should be aware that the Certification Page must be signed by both their College Dean or nominee and Director, Research Services (on behalf of the PVC Research & Research Training and the University). The College Dean or nominee needs to ensure that all committed resources for the project are available.

    Please note that it is in the researcher's interest to receive funding - so it can contribute to the researcher's Measurement of Individual Research Activity and the University's research block grant funding.

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