All dealings involving High Risk Biologicals must receive approval from the VU-IBC before work can commence at Victoria University.

Before you submit

All personnel must ensure that their research and teaching activities comply with relevant biosafety legislation and standards. For further information on classification of dealings and to determine which form you need to complete, please refer to the Project Approval Flow Chart on the Biosafety Intranet site (VU login required off-campus).

The Biosafety Manager is available to pre-review project applications. Applications for pre-review must be submitted to the Biosafety Manager at least 10 working days before the VU-IBC Agenda cut-off date.

What you must submit

It is essential that you carefully read and follow the instructions on the forms. To avoid unnecessary delays, all forms must be submitted using the current version below. The Chief Investigator must forward the following documents to the IBC Executive Officer:

  • one (1) electronic application signed and authorised by all relevant parties.

Applications will not be processed without the appropriate authorisation.

All electronic copies of forms that require IBC approval must be submitted prior to the Agenda cut-off date to be considered at the following committee meeting.


All forms require VU login off-campus.

  • Project approval is only required for High Risk Projects.
  • IBC project approval from other organisations for work at Victoria University is not transferable.
  • Personnel using High Risk Biologicals at external organisations are required to forward the VU-IBC a copy of the external application and associated approval memo for review before work commences. You may only commence work when the VU-IBC has approved your project.

Project amendments include addition or deletion of a co-investigator or change of chief investigator. You may only commence work when the VU-IBC has approved the amendment.

  • An Annual Report must be submitted by the second week of December each year.
  • A Final Report must be submitted at the end of the project.
  • OGTR Exempt projects do not have a time limit.
  • High Risk and NLRD projects expire after five years. If you wish to continue the project you need to reapply for a new assessment by the IBC.

After approval you must ensure that work is carried out only by persons named on the application and everyone named on the application has:

  • access to the final approved version and understands their responsibilities in relation to the project
  • completed the relevant IBC training and local lab inductions
  • completed the relevant project-specific training and works in accordance with the application and any cited SOPs or Guidelines
  • completed the University’s OHS risk assessment process.

New biologicals

All new biological Risk Group Agents used at VU must be classified and listed on the VU Approved Lists on the Biosafety Intranet site (VU login required off-campus). If the goods are on the list and you meet the conditions of use, no further approval is required. To list a new biological agent, please submit the Biological Risk Group Agent Notification Form to the Biosafety Manager for assessment.

Import of biologicals

The Biosafety Manager is the only authorised person to hold biological import permits on behalf of the University. To obtain a permit you must submit the Request to Import Biological Materials Form to the Biosafety Manager. Guidelines and templates are available on the Biosafety Intranet site (VU login required off-campus) to assist you in this process.

Biological inventories

Investigators must maintain a list of infectious agents and GMOs that they handle or store. Sample inventory tables are available on the Biosafety Intranet site (VU login required off-campus) to assist you in this process.

  • All biohazardous adverse incidents (and near misses) or non-compliant (or suspected non-compliant) incidents involving regulated biologicals must be immediately reported to the VU-IBC by calling the IBC Emergency Phone: 0481 001 329.
  • The committee will formally investigate and seek a written explanation of the incident from the relevant persons using the IBC Incident Report Form.
  • The following resource is available on the Biosafety Intranet site (VU login required off-campus) to assist in this process: IBC P005# Procedure for Non-Compliance & Adverse Incidents.

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