Withdraw from your course

If you want to transfer to another course at Victoria University (VU), enrol at another university/college or start a full-time job, you can withdraw from your course (also known as course discontinuation).

If you have received an offer to study at VU but have not yet enrolled, you can apply to defer your studies and start your course at a later date, or change your course preference.

Apply for course withdrawal

International students

International students will also complete and submit a Course withdrawal - additional information

When you withdraw from your course, the University will notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that you are no longer a student of Victoria University by cancelling your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). This may lead to the cancellation of your Visa. In this situation, you should contact DIBP as soon as possible on 131 881.

If you intend to change your course, you need to make sure you continue to meet the conditions of your student visa. You should review the information about changing courses on the DIBP website for more information. 

If you are already enrolled in a course, you can apply for withdrawal or discontinuation by lodging one of the following forms before Census date:

If your course is enabled to enrol online, you can also apply for withdrawal using the MYVU portal.

For advice on how to submit your form, please contact us via: 

Defer your studies

If you have received an offer from Victoria University, but would prefer to wait and start your course later, you can apply to defer starting your studies for up to 12 months.

Change your course preference

If you are a local student, and have lodged a VTAC application to study at Victoria University, please be aware that there are deadlines for changing your course preference. Please see the VTAC website for details.

If you are an international student, and currently enrolled in an ELICOS, TAFE or higher education course, you can change your course preference using the A220 Defer your studies / Change of preference form

Avoid withdrawal fees

International students

For information on TAFE and ELICOS withdrawal fees, see the International Refunds Policy.

The Victoria University census date is the final date for withdrawal from a higher education course without incurring academic and financial penalties.

Higher education census dates

  • Semester 1: 31 March of each year
  • Semester 2: 31 August of each year

Make sure you are aware of the higher education Census dates or Census dates for TAFE (VE/FE) students

For information on course withdrawal before Census date, please consult ASKVU

Certain conditions apply for students who want to transfer from Victoria University.