Change your study load

Your ‘study load’ refers to the units of study (subjects) you choose as part of your course. Most courses require you to take a certain number of subjects every semester to make up your designated full-time or part-time study load.

You can make a request to change your study load in some circumstances. You can request to reduce your load, or increase your load ('overload').

You may be able to apply for credit for past study or to study units in summer or winter school to help complete you course faster or make up for missed of failed units.

Discuss your situation with your Course & Unit Administrator (CUA) first.

Reduce your study load

You can request to reduce your study load or overload in compassionate and compelling circumstances, such as:

Visa information

The University will notify the Department of Home Affairs when you have been granted a reduced study load.

As outlined in your International Student Written Agreement, you are required to complete your course within the time stated on your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).

  • Course structure
    You have an unusual course structure or are not able to enrol in a normal load because of unavailability of units/pre-requisite units not met.
  • Compassionate circumstances
    You are experiencing compassionate or compelling reasons which are beyond your control, e.g. serious illness or injury, bereavement of close family members or involvement in a traumatic experience.
  • Academic progress
    You are at risk of making unsatisfactory progress, and your college has recommended a reduced study load. This would be part of an intervention strategy following an Academic Progress Hearing.
    Or, you are in your final semester and remaining units do not amount to 48 credit points.

Apply to reduce your study load

If you are an Australian resident, you can reduce your study load by using either:

If you are an international student, you must obtain approvals and submit your completed Reduced Study Load form according to the form submission advice.

Increase your study load

Increasing your study load ('overloading') may also be an option if you need to make up for delayed progress through your course e.g. due to failing units, or adjusting from part-time to full-time study.

Permission to overload during a regular study period (semester one or two) will not be granted if your college believes it could have a negative impact on your academic progress (e.g. where you are repeating failed units).

Apply to overload your units

To add units of study to your enrolment, you need to obtain approvals and submit the relevant form.
You can do so using either:

Administrative census (last day to add units)

If you are enrolled in the standard semesters 1 &/or 2 you may add units to your enrolment until the end of the second week of semester.

If you are enrolled in a block unit (s), the administrative census date is on the Friday of the first week of each block. 

Friday of week 2 of semester (1 and 2 only) is the administrative census date for timely amendments (last day to add units). Students who enrolled online will be able to add units until 11:59pm (23:59) on Friday. After this time, any unit of study additions will need to be approved by your Course & Unit Administrator (CUA; discover via VUHQ).

You will still be able to withdraw from your course or unit until census date.

After census date, if you withdraw, you will still be liable for the fees; withdrawals after SWOTVAC will also receive a fail grade.