International student refunds

Before you request any refund, fee extension or fee waiver, please read the following fee-adjustment information to determine whether you qualify, and how to apply.

If you do qualify for a refund, you can apply by completing the Refund of International Student Fees online form. Your agent cannot apply on your behalf. View the refund application process at the bottom of this page under ‘Processing of Refunds’.

Fee adjustment circumstances

This procedure applies to the refunding, waiving or adjusting of international fees and charges that are issued for:

  • Higher Education
  • TAFE
  • VU English
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Fee adjustments may apply in the following circumstances:

  • overpayment
  • withdrawal (student changes university, returns overseas, or has permanent residency)
  • visa issues (eg refusal, lateness, withdrawal or non-application)
  • University course-withdrawal (Provider Default)
  • exceptional personal hardship
  • University makes a decision based on business and market needs.

Where the student has cause to cancel their enrolment during the year the Vice-Chancellor, or their delegate, may approve or authorise the refunding of all or part of any fees and charges.

Part A – roles & responsibilities

The following table outlines the roles and responsibilities relevant to refunds, fee extensions and fee waivers.

Role Responsibilities
  • applies for a fee adjustment
  • supplies all relevant supporting documentation to demonstrate eligibility for the adjustment
Senior Advisor Welfare
  • advises eligible students on criteria and eligibility for fee extensions
  • recommends extensions to the appropriate Authorised Officer
Authorised Officer approves the fee adjustment
VU International processes the fee adjustment.
VU Finance pays any refund

Part B - Fee extensions

International students studying higher education courses or vocational education courses (certificates I–IV, diplomas and above) are eligible to apply for fee extensions.

Part C - Fee waivers

Onshore international higher education students, TAFE students and VU English students may be eligible to apply for a waiver of fees on the grounds of exceptional circumstances of personal hardship. Students need to be beyond their first semester to apply for a fee waiver.

Fee waivers at VU Sydney fall outside of this procedure.

The SSAF may be deferred or part-paid in line with government legislation. Waivers may be granted in certain circumstances.


This table outlines the different situations in which you might be eligible for a refund. See following for details relating to these circumstances.

Fee type Full Refund Partial Refund No Refund
Application fee Provider default Nil All other circumstances
Tuition fees (including deposit)
  • Withdrawal of offer
  • Provider default
  • Failure to meet English level
  • Failure to progress
  • Illness or disability
  • Death of close family member
  • Political or civil event
  • Withdrawal before start of English-language course
  • Withdrawal before Census date
  • Visa not obtained
  • Inadequate information provided
  • Offer withdrawn due to incorrect information
All other circumstances
Ancillary / material fees Student withdrawal before materials provided Nil Student withdrawal after materials provided
Overseas Student Health Cover Student has never arrived in Australia (the student manages refund) Student has arrived in Australia (student manages refund of unused portion of cover) Nil