How Eman’s teaching dreams are becoming a reality

Eman Abdulahamid
So often I've started a new block full of nerves, only to be blown away by the hospitality, respect, and understanding of my teachers.

Eman Abdulhamid
Diploma of Education Studies, Bachelor of Education Studies

Putting a challenging Year 12 behind her, Eman Abdulhamid made the most of her course pathways and is now making strides towards her goal of becoming a teacher.

Disclaimer: In this article, Eman talks about the benefits of our VU Guaranteed program, which has been replaced by VU Early Entry.

How did you beat the odds in Year 12?

“During high school I worried my grades wouldn’t get me into my course preference. But with the help of tutors and the encouragement of my VCE coordinator, I put in the effort to improve my grades and was able to follow a course pathway into education.

A big help during Year 12 was the VU Guaranteed program. Successful applicants get a guaranteed place at VU or VU Polytechnic before final exams, and a bonus of 5 ATAR points. It meant I could focus more on my studies, and stress less about results. It gave me a sense of relief knowing I had already completed the hardest step, and that I had a guaranteed place at VU. I've since shared my VU Guaranteed story with students from my former school."

Tell us about your study pathway

"I first completed the Diploma of Education Studies, before using the course pathway to enter into the second year of the Bachelor of Education Studies.

Some of the best moments of the diploma came from meeting new people and learning new things about different people, cultures, and education."

How was the Block Model your secret weapon during the pandemic?

"Studying under the VU Block Model is a blessing, especially with the trying times that we’ve faced with COVID-19 and remote learning.

Like many students, I struggled with the isolation of 2020. VU’s student advisers and counsellors were supportive, and with the Block Model, I only had to focus on one unit at a time. Unfortunately for my friends studying at other universities, they didn’t have the same experience!

So often I've started a new block full of nerves, only to be blown away by the hospitality, respect, and understanding of my teachers."

What does the future hold?

"Once I graduate from my degree, my dream is to complete my Masters in Teaching and register as an educator. I would love to join my former high school within the literacy department, passing on my love of literature and helping young people deepen their appreciation for it.”

Eman’s course pathway

Diploma of Education Studies

Bachelor of Education Studies (current)