Research reporting at VU

We provide a range of support services and information systems to assist the VU researcher in meeting research reporting obligations. 

Measure of Research Activity (MORA)

The Measure of Research Activity (MORA) is used at VU as a measure of research activity. The MORA incorporates research funding, research publications and supervision of higher degree by research student completions achieved over a 3-year assessment window. Other significant research outcomes can also be included.

The MORA weightings strongly drive research quality and collaboration. Staff at different academic levels are expected to achieve distinct benchmarks. A portion of MORA data is used to inform academic workloads as well as being used in a variety of other contexts.

New academic staff are able to obtain recognition for research outputs produced at other institutions.

The Measuring Individual Research Activity Policy (MIRA or known as MORA) is available at the VU Policy Library. Procedures have also been developed.

Access the MORA application.

Supporting documents

The following are supporting documents and information under the MORA policy.

Research repository

VU research publications are available through our open-access publications repository.

Research classification codes

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification 2008 (ANZSRC):

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