VU animal ethics training

It is a requirement that Animal Ethics Committee training be completed and assessed prior to the commencement of any teaching or research involving animals or animal tissue.

How to register for animal ethics training

AEC training is available through VU Collaborate. To gain access to this training, you will need to be enrolled into the VU Collaborate subject SPRT-Animals- Ethics and Facilities.

  1. Email either the [email protected] or the Animal Welfare Officer and include your student/staff ID number.
    • Once enrolled, you will be notified by email.
    • If you do not currently have a staff or student number you cannot access VU Collaborate and will need to speak to your supervisor or student services regarding acquiring this number.
  2. Log in to your MyVU
  3. Select VU Collaborate from the menu bar.
  4. Select the SPRT-Animals-Ethics & Facilities.
  5. Select AEC training from the side menu and view the training.
  6. Complete the associated quiz.

The online quiz will be assessed instantly and if you complete it successfully, you will receive a certificate from the training program. Please print this certificate for your file.

No dealings with animals may commence until this training is successfully completed.

After you complete training

Once your training is completed, please also ensure the following:

  • The project has received AEC approval
  • You have been named/listed on the project as an investigator/ co-investigator and are aware of your responsibilities as such.
  • You complete induction at both the animal facility and laboratory you will be working in (these are individual inductions and you will need to contact the relevant facility/lab manager for this).
  • You complete any training required and record both training session and when competency has been achieved as per AEC G004(2013) Training in Animal Procedures
  • You have read and understood any AEC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) listed on the project. The AEC Guidelines and SOPs are available on VU Collaborate, in the Animals Ethics and Facilities Subject.