Qualtrics is recognised as a leading research tool for online surveys. It is in use by many international and Australian universities, and can be used for:

  • online surveys
  • face-to-face survey data collection (where internet is available)
  • questionnaires
  • event registrations
  • feedback and other forms
  • developing surveys with collaborators
  • resulting data analysis.

Access VUAU Qualtrics site: vuau.qualtrics.com (login required).

How it works

Qualtrics allows you to do the following:

  • create surveys
  • develop and share them with collaborators
  • distribute to participants
  • monitor the response progress
  • visualise the result (as well as download for more detailed analysis).

Ensure you download the results and preserve the data on R: drive.

Qualtrics supports ethical research data collection by using secure, encrypted storage under US-EU Safe Harbor Principles. The data is retained in Singapore, offering greater privacy than other services (eg SurveyMonkey).

Access VU Qualtrics site

VU has a Qualtrics site license for all staff and students. All staff and students can automatically create an account.

To create your new account or migrate your existing account go to the VU Qualtrics site.

You'll need to login using your VU AD username (starting with 'e' or 's') and password.

Qualtrics training

Easy to follow online training videos and full instructions are available on the Qualtrics Basecamp site.

Your College can also arrange with the VU eResearch team for campus-based training (given sufficient attendee numbers).

Qualtrics offline mobile app

Qualtrics Offline Surveys is a new application available for iOS and Android. It allows you to administer surveys on your mobile device without an Internet connection. Responses can be collected in the field on your mobile device, and then uploaded back into Qualtrics as soon as you have an Internet connection. This app is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones running Android 4.0 and later.

An existing VU Qualtrics account through http://vuau.qualtrics.com is essential. Setting up login details involves a number steps and a little effort, but this is only required once for each device. Please follow the Qualtrics instructions page carefully.

Importantly, follow the instructions for “If your organization uses its own login system to access Qualtrics (Single Sign-On)”. Your username will consist of your staff or student number followed by #vuau, for example “e5123456#vuau”, and you’ll need to create an API Token through the Qualtrics web site, not use your VU password. (Tip: If you know how to cut-and-paste text on your mobile device, try using the browser on your device to login to Qualtrics via the web, copy the API Token and then paste it into the app. The token is quite long.)

Contact us

If you cannot access Qualtrics, or are having issues setting up an account, please log a task via the VU Support Hub.

The Qualtrics Support service provides expert assistance for all your survey needs, and ensure that all VU users get the most out of the platform.

If you require support with any aspects of the Qualtrics program, please contact Qualtrics Support directly. You will need to select 'Sign in with SSO' and enter 'VUAU' as Organisation ID.