First time enrolment

Congratulations on your offer, and welcome to Victoria University (VU)!

When enrolling at VU for the first time, we will send you an email containing your student ID number and important enrolment advice.

Check this email carefully and follow the instructions to make your enrolment as easy as possible!

Studying a TAFE course or at our Sydney campus? Your enrolment will vary slightly. See information for:

Studying with Victoria University Online? See our information for enrolling in VU Online.

What to prepare

Student ID number

Have your ID number with you when you start your enrolment, available in the email we send you before you enrol.

Proof of citizenship

You need to present proof of your citizenship status at your nearest VUHQ.

We will accept an original or certified copy of your:

  • Birth Certificate (and Marriage Certificate where a name has changed because of marriage),
  • Certificate of Australian Citizenship / Permanent Residency (Australian residents only), or
  • current Passport.

Please note that if your proof of citizenship does not include a date of birth, you will need to also present a current driver's licence or a proof of age card.

Commonwealth assistance (HELP) request forms & TFN

If you are enrolling in a Commonwealth Supported place, and want to defer your fees, you will need to complete and submit the:

  • appropriate HELP request form to cover tuition fees (HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP), and
  • SA-HELP assistance form for the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF); this is optional - the SSAF can be paid up-front before Census.

If you are eligible and have opted to defer payment of your tuition fees, your enrolment will be cancelled if you fail to submit your HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP request form before Census date.

The forms can be completed online as part of your enrolment. You will need to have an Australian Tax File Number (TFN) ready to complete the application. If you do not have a TFN, apply for one through the Australian Taxation Office.

If you are a sponsored student, you will need to complete and submit a signed Sponsor Agreement Form when you enrol.

Please note: To be eligible, and remain eligible for a HELP loan for the remainder of the course, you must ensure that your personal details on your VU enrolment record, such as given name(s) (including middle names), family name and address matches your record at the ATO at all times. Any variations in names will result in the ATO not being able to assess your information as correct, meaning your application will not be finalised and you will be ineligible for a HELP loan. This is especially important if you change your name since you have initially enrolled. It is the student’s responsibility to update personal details with the ATO and Victoria University.

For more information please visit the Study Assist website.

Application for unit credits

If you want to apply for credit for prior study, skills or experience (and have not done so already when applying for you course), you need to submit the application form when you enrol.

Make an appointment with your college Course & Unit Administrator to discuss your application for credit.

If the units you want credited are pre-requisites to other units, you will not be able to enrol in the subsequent units until the credit has been approved and transferred. You need to:

  • enrol in the standard set of first-year units for your course
  • submit your application for credits
  • wait for it to be processed (you will be notified of the outcome)
  • update your enrolment online once approved.

Unique Student Identifier - Vocational Education (VE) students

All VE students are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) before enrolling in nationally recognised training in Australia.

Apply for a USI.

Bring this number with you when you enrol to study at VU. You won't be able to enrol without it.

International students

Your first step in enrolling is to attend your international orientation & enrolment session.

You need to register for your session, and must attend in person

Following orientation, you will then be able to:

  • attend your academic advice session
  • complete your enrolment online.

Step 1: Review your course delivery plan

Use your course delivery plan to help you enrol in the correct units and to see if there's flexibility  in unit selection. We can put you in touch with your Course & Unit Administrator for advice if you are still unsure.

International students: When you complete your enrolment, you must enrol in a full time load. Higher education students need to enrol in units that add up to 48 credit points per semester. VE/TAFE certificate, diploma or advanced diploma students need to enrol in a full-time load as specified by your academic adviser.

Step 2: Enrol online

When you’re ready, you can complete your enrolment online. Follow the instructions and enrolment link in your offer email. 

Don’t worry if you don’t get your unit selection or enrolment quite right. Even after you enrol you still have some time to change your enrolment, as long as it’s before the census date. If you need to speak with someone to complete your enrolment, contact us so that one of our friendly and helpful student advisors can guide you through.

Need enrolment help?

View our guide to the online enrolment system (with screengrabs) for detailed instructions.

Our team of Student Advisors are here to assist you:

Step 3: Confirm your personal details

It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal and enrolment details are correct and up to date. You can make updates to your details online through MyVU.

Make sure you answer all of the statistical questions, even if the information has previously been supplied, as we are required to report this data to Government. Information is collected in accordance with the VU Privacy Policy.

International students: As a condition of your student visa, you must notify us of your residential address in Australia within 7 days of arriving in Australia. You must also notify us of any change in your residential address within 7 days of the change by updating your details through MyVU.

Step 4: Pay your fees

Once you have completed your enrolment you should check your Statement of Account (invoice) via MyVU, to ensure that your course, units and all personal details are correct. Contact us if you find an error.

You must pay your fees by the due date on your Statement of Account (unless you are deferring fee payment through HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP (domestic students only)).

If you do not pay all fees due, your enrolment may be cancelled and you will lose your place.

If you wish to defer your fees but have not completed the appropriate HELP form(s) or supplied your tax file number at enrolment, ensure you complete the form at VUHQ before Census date.

Learn more about course fees.

After you enrol

There are a few things you need to do before you start studying. Check out our handy tips and resources to help you get started at VU.

Changing your enrolment

If you are enrolled in the standard semesters 1 &/or 2 you may add units to your enrolment until the administrative Census date, which is on Friday of the second week of semester.

If you are enrolled in a block unit (s), the administrative census date is on the Friday of the first week of each block.

You can also discontinue units (or your course entirely) without penalty up until the Census date. If you discontinue after Census, you are still liable for the fees and additionally may face academic penalties if you withdraw after SWOTVAC.

Find out more about census dates and payment deadlines.

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