Update your personal details

As a student you are responsible for ensuring that your personal details are kept up to date.

If you need to make changes to your name, date of birth, or gender, you must inform VU by submitting a completed A11 Personal Details Amendment form along with any required supporting documentation (certified copies or originals).

  • Documentation can be submitted in person at VUHQ, or emailed via ASKVU.
  • Contact details can be updated online via MyVU (current students).


To change your name close to your graduation date, contact us within 7 days, or as soon as practicable. This will ensure that all academic records and transcripts are updated in time for graduation.

Supporting documentation

To change your name, we will accept certified copies or originals of the following documents:

  • birth certificate (with change of name details)
  • citizenship certificate (with change of name details)
  • change of name certificate
  • deed-poll document
  • marriage or registered relationship certificate* (issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages)
  • divorce decree/revocation of registered relationship
  • death certificate of spouse or adult partner of a registered relationship
  • court order directing child's change of name.

*Please note that certificates issued on the day of a wedding, known as commemorative certificates, are not sufficient. Certificates must be issued by Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

Chosen name(s)

We are working to improve applications and enrolments to include chosen name details including:

  • pronouns
  • chosen last name
  • affirmed gender

Although legal verification requires you to use the name stated on your legal documentation, we can addressed by your chosen name(s) while studying with us.

Visit our chosen name, pronouns and gender page for more information.

Supporting our diverse community

Victoria University is committed to Progressive Inclusivity as a core people strategy.

This means we care and we act.

We recognise the importance of using a name and pronouns that affirm student and staff gender.

If you are a trans/gender-diverse student, escaping domestic violence or belong to culturally or linguistically diverse background and facing issues due to change in names, we encourage you to get in touch to seek support.

Date of birth

If your date of birth has been recorded incorrectly, you'll need to provide an original or certified copy of one of these documents in order for us to verify your information:

  • birth certificate
  • valid passport.


You may request an update to your student record to reflect your gender identity. Option Gender X is available if you do not identify as either male or female.

Supporting documentation

In order to change the gender on your enrolment record, please provide an original or certified copy of any of the following:

  • a statement from a Registered Medical Practitioner or a Registered Psychologist, specifying gender
  • an Australian Government–issued travel document, such as a valid passport, specifying gender
  • a state or territory birth certificate, specifying gender
  • a document from a state or territory Registrar of Birth Deaths and Marriages recognising a change of sex and/or gender.

Contact details

You can update your contact details online using MYVU. It is important that you make changes to your contact details as soon as they are confirmed.


Ensure you update your residential address within 7 days of moving, or as soon as practicable.

Addresses that need to be kept up to date include:

  • semester address (where you are living while studying)
  • home address (where you are living when not studying)
  • postal address (where your mail is sent).

International students

As per your student visa requirements, you must notify the University of any change in residential address within 7 days of arriving or moving within Australia.

For some students, the address types may vary (e.g if you are relocating from the country or overseas to study in Melbourne).


Ensure that your phone number is kept up to date so that we can reach you in case of any changes to your enrolment and/or timetabled classes.


Every student is allocated a Victoria University student email account on enrolment.

As a VU student, you must monitor your VU student email account throughout your study enrolment and until your graduation. This ensures timely and accurate communication, as VU email is the primary way that we communicate with students.

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Emergency contacts

Make sure you have nominated an emergency contact and provided their details so that if something happens to you we can notify a family member, guardian or friend.

Citizenship or residency status

You must notify the University of any changes in citizenship or residency status by submitting the form, along with any required supporting documentation (certified copies or originals).

These can be submitted in person at VUHQ, or emailed via ASKVU.

This may include changes to:

  • residency or visa status for domestic students (Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or Australian Permanent Humanitarian visa holder)
  • visa status for International students (temporary visa, student visa or New Zealand permanent residence visa).

Supporting documentation

  • Australian passport
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • International passport and evidence of visa entitlement (VEVO)
  • Immicard and evidence of visa entitlement (VEVO)
  • Document for travel to Australia (with endorsed visa label)
  • Change of name documents (if applicable)

A letter from the Department of Home Affairs inviting the student to the Citizenship ceremony is not proof of Australian citizenship. Australian citizenship is not conferred until the person has made the pledge of commitment at the official citizenship ceremony, and has received the Australian Citizenship Certificate.

How will these changes affect your fees?

Changing your status from International to Domestic or vice-versa will impact your course fees depending on when documentation is received, either before or after census date.

  • Before census, your fees will be affected for enrolled units within that study period.
  • After census, your fees won't be changed until the following study period.