Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF)

The electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) is an online form used by domestic students to apply for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and/or Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loan.

You must submit an eCAF for a CSP course to show how you will pay your student contribution – whether you pay up-front or defer your tuition fees with a loan.

When you enrol in your course, we will ask how you want to pay for your tuition fees. This is where you notify us you want to use a HELP loan. After that, you will get an invitation to submit your eCAF. 

The eCAF must be completed before your first enrolled census date.

Types of eCAF

Types of eCAF include:

  • CSP/HECS-HELP eCAF – for eligible domestic students applying for CSP courses and a HEC-HELP loan; if you are not eligible for a loan you still need to complete the eCAF to accept your CSP and acknowledge upfront payment requirements
  • FEE-HELP eCAF –  for eligible domestic students applying for full-fee course loan
  • SA-HELP eCAF – for students applying for a loan to pay all or part of the student services and amenities fee (SSAF)
  • VET Student Loan (VSL) eCAF – for VET (TAFE) students applying for a loan for a course at diploma level or above.

A separate form needs to be submitted for each application.

If you don't submit the eCAF prior to the census date you will need to make upfront payments for that study period.

How to complete your eCAF

During enrolment

Enrolment is completed online in the MyVU platform, which can be accesed via the Accept Now or Enrol Now link in your offer email.

During enrolment, based on your citizenship status and the course you have accepted, the relevant HELP loan form will be shown. These may include Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs), HECS-HELP, SA-HELP, or FEE-HELP.

It is important that you complete all parts of the form to accept your CSP and to defer your fees via a HELP loan, or pay upfront. 

See the MyVU enrolment guide for more information.

After enrolment

After you have submitted the request for CSP and/or HELP loan, you will receive an email from the government within 48 hours with a link and a passkey to the eCAF system. You can then complete the application for CSP and/or HELP loan.

You will receive a separate passkey for each eCAF type. For example, if your are eligible for both HECS-HELP and SA-HELP, you will receive a separate passkey for each. The passkey is unique to each eCAF.

When completing the form, it helps to copy and paste the exact 22-character passkey from your invite email into the form field and to check no extra spaces are added.

Your eCAF invitation and passkey expires 12 weeks after it is issued, so it's important to complete your eCAF as soon as possible after completing your enrolment.

Steps to complete your eCAF

Follow the below steps to complete your eCAF.

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