VET non-payment of fees

To keep your place in your VET/TAFE course, you need to ensure your fees are paid up front, or by student loan, by the due dates.

If you are paying (deferring) tuition fees via VET student loan need to:

If you don't pay your fees or submit your eCAF on time, you may:

  • have your enrolment cancelled for the study period that you did not pay for
  • be referred to debt collection, which will incur additional costs
  • face legal action.

Enrolment cancellation due to non-payment of fees

For students enrolled in diploma courses or higher, enrolment cancellation will occur when:

  • you are deemed ineligible to defer your fees via VET Student Loan
  • you have not completed an eCAF with a valid TFN or TFN certificate by census date
  • you have not paid your tuition fees in full by census date.

For international students, enrolment cancellation will occur when:

  • your tuition has not been paid in full by census date
  • you have not applied for a formal fee extension.

For Certificate I to Certificate IV students, enrolment will not be cancelled; we will initiate debt-collection action.


If you choose to continue your studies after being cancelled due to non-payment of fees:

  • as a government-subsidised student, you will be required to pay a non-government subsidised rate for the units you are requesting to be reinstated for
  • as a full-fee paying student, you will be required to pay for the cost of your unit(s).

Refer to the full fee amount for your unit(s) and use one of our payment options to pay.

Please note, the University reserves the right to decline a reinstatement request.

Debt collection

Certificate courses

If are enrolled in a Certificate course, debt collection will happen if you have not done one of the following by the payment deadline:

Diploma courses & higher

If you are enrolled in a diploma course or higher course and you are not eligible to defer your fees, or you have gone over your course cap for a VET Student loan, debt collection my happen in these circumstances:

  • you haven't paid in full or applied for a payment plan by census date
  • you have outstanding materials/auxiliary fees and/or SSAF.

Debt collection costs

If debt-collection action is taken, you'll have to pay your outstanding fees immediately, along with debt recovery costs.

Depending on the actions undertaken by the debt collectors, you may have to pay additional costs.

Legal action

Legal action will be undertaken if:

  • all debt-collection activities have been completed
  • you have not paid in full, organised a payment plan or have defaulted in a payment plan
  • you have not lodged a formal complaint with the Integrity Office to dispute the charges
  • a decision has been made in regards to your dispute and you have not taken any further action.

Once the legal action is initiated, you may be liable for the legal costs incurred. The legal cost is based on the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria scale costs and varies for each account.