Payment plan for TAFE students

Victoria University’s payment plan option allows VE/TAFE students to pay fees in instalments via direct debit.

We use an external agency, FACTS, to organise and manage new payment plans.

All students who want to apply for a payment plan must read the information below prior to applying.

Eligibility & exemptions

Your application will be assessed to determine your eligibility for a payment plan.

Existing arrangements

Prior to 2018, our payment plan was managed by a different agency, Debit Success.

If you have an arrangement with Debit Success, you will remain with them unless you advise the University otherwise.

Students with pre-2018 arrangements with Debit Success should follow the Debit Success payment plan.


You may be eligible for a payment plan if you are:

  • a domestic student (Australian Citizen/Australian Permanent Resident/New Zealand Citizen/Permanent Humanitarian Visa) and
  • studying a VE/TAFE course.


The following groups are not eligible for a payment plan:

  • International students - please refer to Fee Extension.
  • Higher Education students.
  • Students studying short courses.
  • Australian Citizens and Humanitarian Visa holders who are studying courses that are part of the VET Student Loan (VSL) program. Students on this category must defer or pay their tuition fees upfront prior to census date. Only materials, auxiliary and student amenities fees can be put under the payment plan. If you have reached the maximum VSL amount, your excess tuition fee that is not covered by VSL can also be put on a payment plan.
  • Students who are eligible for VET FEE HELP must defer or pay their tuition fees upfront prior to census date. Only materials, auxiliary and student amenities fees can be put under the payment plan

If you are eligible for a VET Student Loan, please provide your Tax File Number (TFN) before applying for a payment plan. If you fail to submit your TFN, your payment plan application will be declined. You must also allow 2 business days from the time of your TFN submission before submitting your payment plan application.

Further exclusions may apply.

Cost of the payment plan

Below are the costs associated with setting up a payment plan with FACTS.

These charges are non-refundable and are solely taken by FACTS Management Company.

  • $35.00 FACTS enrolment fee (registration fee) for each of your payment-plan calendar years.
  • $33.00 returned payment fee (dishonour fee) for each failed scheduled debit.

Payment plan application process

New applications

New applicants should send an expression of interest to

You must include the following:

  • a statement of your intent to go on a payment plan and that you have read the information given in our website (eg: 'I have read and understand the information in the Victoria University website and wish to apply for a payment plan.')
  • student ID
  • full name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • contact number
  • email address.

You will receive an email invitation to register for a FACTS account within five business days. The email invitation contains a unique code and link to FACTS. All applicants must use this unique code and link to register for a FACTS account.

If you need assistance in accepting the invitation or creating an account, please call FACTS on 1300 322 871 (1300 FACTS1).

After registration, VU will review your application. If your payment plan request is accepted, you will receive an email within five business days outlining the payment schedule and the instalment amount.

Adding new fees to the payment plan

If you are currently on a payment plan or already have a FACTS account, you only need to send us a statement advising that you would like to add your new fees into your payment plan.

We will assess your request and, if approved, you will receive a change notification on your email.

Account management

You are encouraged to use FACTS self-serve functionality.

If you require assistance, you can call 1300 322 871 (1300 FACTS1).

By accessing your FACTS account, you will be able to do the following:

  • change your contact details
  • make extra payments
  • delay a scheduled debit date up to 5 days, maximum of 5 delays per year
  • view payment plan schedule, balance and payments made
  • view communications that were sent.

Instalments & payments

All payment plans must finish by the end of November each year. The length of the payment plan as well as the instalment amount is determined by how many fortnights or months remain until November.

The instalment amount is of equal value with options for students to make extra payments.

Example instalments & payments

Student VU fees Start date Number of months remaining Instalment Amount
John $100 01 Feb 2017 10 months $100 ÷ 10 months = $10 per month
Amy $100 01 July 2017 5 months $100 ÷ 5 months = $20 per month

Direct debit process

Once you get a payment schedule, payments will be taken automatically by FACTS via direct debit to your nominated bank account or credit card.

Direct debit payments may have a five-business-day bank-clearing period before they transfer from your FACTS account into your Victoria University account.

Extra payments

You should not make any payments direct to the University as the direct debits still occur. If the dishonour fee was charged, it will not be refunded.

If you want to make extra payments, you must do so through your FACTS account. You have an option to apply your extra payment in any of the future instalments.


In the event of non-adherence, Victoria University may cancel your payment plan and may take the following course of actions:

  • Apply encumbrances onto your record which may prevent you from accessing VU services such as further enrolments, graduations, access to results and transcripts, etc.
  • Refer your file to an external debt-collection company. Additional fees may apply at your own cost, and your credit rating may be affected if legal action is undertaken against your file.
  • Impose late-payment fines and debt-recovery fees.

Student responsibilities


  • You must ensure that there are enough funds in your nominated account during the debit date. Otherwise, additional non-refundable fees apply.
  • Do not pay direct to VU as the direct debits will continue as scheduled. If you want to make advance payments, you must do so through your FACTS account.


  • Only the units you were enrolled in at the time of application are included in your payment plan. Any changes in your enrolment will not automatically reflect into FACTS unless you notify VU. As such, you may still have outstanding fees with VU even after completing your payment plan with FACTS.
  • You will continue to receive fee reminders from Victoria University whenever there is a new transaction in your account. It is your responsibility to check what the new transactions are (eg payments, new charges).

Re-applying & settling

  • Your award will not be conferred nor will you be able to graduate until you settle your full balance with VU.
  • You need to re-apply for a payment plan each calendar year.

Other financial assistance

For other financial assistance, Student Welfare provides a range of support including budgeting and other money-management strategies.

You can email to make an appointment.

Contact us

If you need assistance, please make contact.

  • for help with your FACTS account, call 1300 322 871 (1300FACTS1)
  • to update your balance or enquire about your enrolment, email or call 9919 6100.