Additional fees & charges

While studying at VU, you may need to pay additional fees that are charged in special circumstances. These include situations such as enrolling late, or requiring a reprint of an academic transcript.

On this page you will find most additional fees listed.

Please note that these are subject to change.



Types of additional fees & charges


The following postage applies for letters of completion, transcripts, statements of attainment and AHEGS.

Postage type 2023 2024
Standard local/international airmail and Express post (Australia) $18 $18
Express post (International) $24 $24
DHL overseas courier (trackable) $75 $75

The following postage applies for testamurs.

Postage type 2023 2024
Testamur express post (Australia) $24 $24
Testamur express post (International, non-trackable) $28 $28
DHL overseas courier (trackable) $75 $75