Get help paying your fees

If you are having difficulty covering the cost of study, you may be able to receive financial assistance through a number of options.

Financial assistance options

If you have difficulty paying for your course, you may be able to receive financial assistance through a scholarship, fee extension or student loan.

We offer you a wide range of assistance, referrals and advice to help you manage your finances while studying.

We can help you in many ways if you are having problems paying the required fees.

  • For free and confidential financial advice, contact our Student Welfare team.
  • Eligible students may request a fee extension, if you are having trouble paying by the due date.
  • Get help with purchasing books, computers & course related materials with a student loan.
  • Consider applying for a scholarship. You can apply for a range of VU and external scholarships that can help with living and education costs.
  • If you are studying a Diploma or above course, you may have the option to defer your fees to a VET Student Loan
  • VE/TAFE students who are not eligible for a VET Student Loan can make use of the Payment Plan Option, where you pay your course fees in instalments.