Education professional experience

All teacher education courses in VU's College of Arts & Education include professional experience and supervised teaching practice in schools.

Other courses in the College of Arts & Education, such as early childhood and youth work courses, also involve placements in professional settings.

In 'Education professional experience':

Courses with professional placement

Students who are pre-service teachers are required to successfully complete placement in a professional setting as part of their course.

This includes pre-service teachers in the following courses:

Assessment of professional experience

Teacher Education courses are accredited against the AITSL- Australian National Professional Standards for Teachers by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). Students must meet all of the standards, including the professional experience requirements, before they can register as a teacher with the VIT.

For further information regarding Teacher Registration in Victoria, visit the VIT website.

Professional experience opportunities

Every year the College of Arts & Education offers a range of options for professional experience (including, but not limited to, the below list). Pre-service teachers, if eligible, may express an interest in the following programs:

Photo by Vanessa Nobrega

Max Barker, a VU education student at an East Timor school while on study tour

Bulldogs Friendly Schools Program

Project partnerships

College of Arts & Education students undertaking professional experience at a child care centre.

Project Partnerships is an innovative approach which focuses on collaborative partnerships between the College of Arts & Education at Victoria University and early childhood, primary and secondary schools/sites throughout Victoria.

The key focus of Project Partnerships is enhancing the learning of school/site students in these partnership settings and supporting pre-service teacher and teacher education. This involves pre-service teachers working on an agreed ‘Applied Curriculum Project’ while in a school/setting which is developed to improve the learning outcomes of all students, or a targeted group of students, at the setting. Some of our teacher education courses may utilise an alternative approach due to course or setting requirements.

Partnership options

College of Arts & Education student undertaking professional experience at a child care centre.

Victoria University has over 900 partnerships with a broad range of settings across Victoria including:

  • child care centres
  • pre-school centres
  • kindergartens
  • primary schools
  • secondary schools
  • alternative or special schools
  • community organisations.

Contact us

For more information about professional experience placements and partnerships within the College of Arts & Education, please contact:

Maree Wheelens
Head of Project Partnerships, College of Arts & Education
Phone: +61 3 9919 5566