Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy


Student Advocacy provides confidential advice, support and representation to help you progress successfully during your time at university. We will help you prepare and present your own views with regards to:

  • contacting your lecturer or teacher in your College to discuss your progress in your course
  • preparing for show cause hearings or appeals related to your academic progress
  • attending an academic misconduct hearing, for example, if you have been accused of plagiarism or cheating in an exam
  • advice on special consideration, late lodgement or applying for supplementary, alternative or special exams
  • review of individual assessment outcomes or final unit results
  • guiding you through the student complaint resolution process.

Before speaking to a Student Advocate, we recommend you read the following information and prepare a short statement (half to one page long) outlining the key points of your case.

Make an appointment to speak to a Student Advocate over the phone or face-to-face by calling +61 3 9919 5400 or completing our online contact form.

In 'Student Advocacy':

Unsatisfactory progress

Higher education students check your final unit results!

If you have failed 50% of your course work, or the same unit more than once, you will receive an official notification via VU email advising that you have made unsatisfactory student progress. It's important that you follow the instructions in this email carefully as it may affect your enrolment in your course.

If you have made unsatisfactory progress for the third time and would like further advice on how to prepare for a ‘show cause hearing’ contact Student Advocacy.

Review of assessment outcomes

During semester

If you would like feedback on an individual assessment task for a result during semester, the first step is to contact your teacher, lecturer or unit coordinator.

You may also ask for a review by writing to your course coordinator within five (5) working days of the assessment result being made available, usually when your result appears on VU Collaborate.

End of semester - final unit results

You also have the opportunity to raise concerns or disputes about your final unit grades with your course coordinator within five (5) working days of your results being published online via the MyVU Portal.

Review of results

You may ask for a review if you have grounds to believe that the:

  • assessor was biased
  • assessment was inappropriately conducted
  • assessment was of an inappropriate scale or degree of difficulty
  • assessor made an error of fact in assessing the content.

You can do this by writing a letter to send via email to your course coordinator within five (5) working days of the assessment result being published.

You should receive an outcome from your course coordinator within five working days.

See the Assessment for Learning - Review of Individual Assessment Outcomes Procedure for more information.

Academic & general misconduct

If you have been charged with breaking rules of the University, such as cheating in exams or damaging property, this is classified as misconduct. You may be:

  • called to a meeting with staff in your college
  • asked to attend a misconduct hearing with university staff to explain your actions.

We recommend that you have a look at the Student Misconduct Regulations and Student Misconduct Procedure.

Student Advocacy can provide confidential advice to prepare for this meeting or hearing. Before speaking to an advocate, prepare a short statement (half to one page) outlining the key points of your case.

If it's alleged that you have plagiarised (for example using work that is not your own in an assessment) you will be asked to attend a meeting to explain what has happened from your point of view. We recommend that you read the Academic Integrity and Preventing Plagiarism policy to help you prepare for the meeting.

Complaint resolution

Victoria University has a three step complaint resolution process. Student Advocacy can help you prepare and present your own views when you are seeking an outcome to your complaint.


Under the Appeal Regulation 2014, the following decisions may be appealed at Victoria University:

  • Student misconduct decisions – for example, plagiarism or breach of exam (cheating) decisions.
  • Student complaints decisions – if you lodged a University-managed complaint online and are dissatisfied with the outcome.
  • Admissions decisions – if you applied for a course at VU and were unsuccessful and want that decision reviewed.
  • Academic progress decisions – if you don’t agree with the decision by your College regarding your unsatisfactory progress.
  • Plus some other university decisions.

An appeal can only be made on one or more of the following grounds:

  • new and relevant information
  • misapplication of procedure resulting in a disadvantage to the student
  • decision is manifestly excessive or wrong
  • bias or conflict on the part of the original decision-maker.

Lodging an appeal

To lodge a Student Affairs Appeal, please review the Student Appeals Regulations. You will then need to complete and submit a Notice of Appeal form. If you have difficulty accessing this version of the document, contact for an alternate version.

Postal address

Victoria University
Manager, Governance & Secretariat
PO Box 14428
Melbourne, VIC 8001


Fax: +61 3 9919 5061

Student Advocacy can provide assistance in reviewing your draft appeal. Before speaking to an advocate, prepare a short statement (half to one page) outlining the key points of your case and collect all relevant documents.

We also recommend that you read the Student Appeals Procedure for more information.

Contact Student Advocacy

Current students, please complete our enquiry form and we will respond within 2-3 business days.

We may be able to assist prospective students in some cases. Please phone or email us for more information.

Phone: +61 3 9919 5400