Student Advocacy provides advice, support, representation and assistance with the preparation and presentation of your views, with regards to:

We are guided by VU's Independent Advocacy Service Charter for Students, which outlines our commitment to providing confidential support to students.

Independent Advocacy Service Charter for Students

VU's Independent Advocacy Service Charter is a protocol of Student Life and Wellbeing that provides independent advocacy services to students, in accordance with SSAF guidelines.

When advising a student* of Victoria University, student advocates will:

  • uphold impartiality and independence from the University’s decision makers
  • have a duty of confidentiality towards the Student
  • represent the Student free of charge
  • be guided by the principles of fairness, equity and natural justice
  • act in the overall best interests of the Student with regard to the University’s statutes, regulations, policies and procedures
  • have a right to information from the University necessary to enable them to perform their function
  • make sure that the University and the Student are both aware of relevant information and issues affecting a matter
  • on request by the Student, have the right to speak and make submissions on their behalf
  • be free of any interests that conflict with their role as outlined above.

* a student enrolled at Victoria University includes all students of Victoria University and VU Polytechnic.