Remission (reversal) of fees

Under special circumstances, you may be eligible for one of these fee remissions(reversals):

  • a remission of HECS-HELP
  • re-credit of debt for FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan
  • tuition fee on full fee for onshore students including domestic and internationals
  • SSAF when it was paid upfront.

Special circumstances may include:

  • medical circumstances
  • family/personal circumstances
  • employment-related circumstances
  • course-related circumstances
  • University administrative error.

SA-HELP and OS-HELP loans cannot be remitted (reversed).

Eligibility for fee remission (reversal)

Domestic and International students can apply for remission of fees if special circumstances apply to you, and because of those circumstances you have:

  • withdrawn from your studies after the census date
  • not completed the requirements for a unit of study (i.e. received a fail grade)
  • been suspended or excluded after census date.

Application period

Complete the post census remission/re-credit of debt in special circumstances application, along with supporting documentation.

You'll need to do this within 12 months of one of the following:

  • the withdrawal date of the unit of study
  • the end of the period of study in which the unit was to be undertaken if you have not withdrawn
  • the end of a leave of absence period if granted by the University.

Applications submitted outside the 12-month application period will not be considered unless you can demonstrate, with supporting documentation, that you were incapable of applying within this timeframe.

Supporting evidence

Please include original or certified independent supporting documentation (such as letter from your doctor) to validate the reason you are applying for a remission of debt and the criteria.

The application will be deemed invalid if no documentation is provided.

Medical documentation must:

  • be signed
  • be printed on a letterhead
  • include the medical provider number.