Student progress

Successfully progressing through your course is a basic requirement for studying at Victoria University (VU).

If you have been notified that your progress is not satisfactory, please carefully refer to the steps listed in the academic progress section on this page (with specific advice for: Foundation Studies, China, Malaysia (Sunway College), Melbourne, Sri Lanka , Sydney, Brisbane and VU Online students).

Academic progress

The academic progress of Higher Education students' coursework is regularly reviewed by the University.

Your progress is considered unsatisfactory if you:

  • fail any two units or more in your course
  • fail the same unit more than once.

If you are identified as making unsatisfactory progress for the first, second or third time, you will be sent an official notification in writing via your VU email address. It is important that you follow the instructions in this letter carefully as it may affect your enrolment in your course.

Further information is available in our policy library:

Progress requirements for onshore international students

If you are an onshore international student, you are expected to complete your course within the time stated on your CoE. Failure to do so will put you at risk of having your CoE cancelled and student visa revoked.

By law (under the ESOS Act), the University is required to report you to the Department of Home Affairs if you breach the conditions of your student visa.

Attendance at classes & tutorials

Victoria University monitors all student attendance, as required by Australian law under the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 and the University Procedure for Monitoring International Student Attendance.

If you are an ELICOS student, you are required to attend at least 80% of classes each study period. You need to contact your program coordinator immediately or request an intermission if you are away for more than five consecutive days.

Show cause hearings

If you decide to 'show cause' you will need to book an appointment within the specified timeframe and provide information about your circumstances via the online form.

The information you submit will be assessed by the Show cause panel which will be made up of two or more senior academic staff from your College.

If you wish to show cause you can choose to attend the hearing in person (or via phone or video link), or submit written information about your situation. This is your opportunity to explain your circumstances and what you intend to do to improve your performance. If you require assistance with preparing and presenting your case for your hearing, contact Student Advocacy.