The University provides students with the right to appeal some University decisions. The appeal process:

  • provides the ability to restore trust where a mistake or error has been made
  • allows the University to amend a wrong where no current legislation, policies or procedures provide protection for a student
  • ensures that all students are given the opportunity to seek procedural fairness should the need arise.

Process for an appeal

You may appeal a University decision in accordance with the Student Appeals Regulations and Student Appeals Procedure.

A student or other eligible person may appeal decisions regarding:

  • misconduct
  • complaints
  • admission
  • academic progress
  • statutory matters.

An appeal must be on one or more of the following grounds:

  • the existence of new relevant material of a significant nature, being relevant material that was not reasonably available to the student or eligible person prior to the original decision being made and which is inherently different from material that was available;
  • there was a misapplication of procedure resulting in real disadvantage to the student or eligible person that was the subject of the decision;
  • the decision was manifestly wrong or excessive; or
  • there was a bias or a conflict of interest on the part of the original decision maker or makers.

Submit a Notice of Appeal form

To lodge an appeal follow this process:

  1. Review the Student Appeals Regulations 2014
  2. complete and submit a Notice of Appeal form. If you have difficulty accessing this version of the document, contact for an alternate version.

Help completing the Notice of Appeal form

Student Advocates can help in this process and in completing this form.

To speak to a staff member:

You can also access theĀ  help guide for appealing against a university decision.