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Screen time with Dr Marc C-Scott

Dr Marc C-Scott has achieved many of his professional goals; but helping students succeed is a career highlight for VU’s screen media expert.

“The best thing about teaching at VU is the diversity of students’ backgrounds and study levels. It's extremely rewarding seeing students achieve within themselves.

As the first in my immediate family to go to university and the first in my extended family to achieve my PhD, I feel I have a lot in common with many of the students, and I bring them along for the ride.

I share my stories with the students to demonstrate how the more traditional academic theory, combined with hands-on learning, complement and strengthen each other.

I have had a number of students that have been able to undertake work placement via my industry connections. The students have also benefitted from having both local and international industry guest speakers speak with them about their experiences and share their advice.

I also work on client video projects that keep me relevant to the industry and across current practices occurring within the space.”


Dr Marc C-Scott is a lecturer in screen media at Victoria University and the course chair of Bachelor of Screen Media. His expertise focuses on television, media streaming, video on demand, sports media rights, Australian media and media policy.

C-Scott completed his PhD, “Invention to Institution: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Television across Three National Sites” in 2016.

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