Near Miss Grants

Our 'Near Miss' Research Grants allow researchers who just miss out on a significant national competitive research grant to maintain research activity in order to re-submit a stronger application at a later time.

Grant objectives

  • To partially support projects that were 'Near Miss' for a substantial external national competitive grant.
  • To develop research outputs that will enable high quality applications to be submitted to external grant awarding agencies.

Funding overview

Depending upon the pool available, the maximum funding available under the 'Near Miss' category will be up to the value of $26,000.

Allocation of 'Near Miss' funding is at the discretion of the Director, Office for Research, who will invite applications for 'Near Miss' Grants.

Budget items not supported

The 'Near Miss' Grant scheme does not provide funds for:

  • Chief Investigator salaries (neither in whole or in part)
  • Special Studies Programs travel expenses
  • Conference attendance
  • Postgraduate scholarships or supplementation of existing scholarships.

The College must certify its agreement to provide the following basic facilities, which will not be funded under the 'Near Miss' Grant scheme:

  • accommodation (suitably equipped and furnished in standard ways)
  • access to workshop services (e.g. machine tools and qualified technicians available to each member of staff, according to need, for research)
  • access to a basic library collection
  • adequate computing time (excluding access to high-performance computers)
  • standard reference materials or funds for abstracting services
  • basic computing, word-processing and microfilm reading facilities
  • use of photocopiers, telephones, mail, fax, e-mail and Internet services.


Applications for the previous round of ARC Discovery, ARC DECRA, ARC Linkage or NHMRC Project Grants are eligible for 'Near Miss' Grants on the condition that the:

  • application fell within the scheme's near miss range (usually top 10% of unfunded projects for ARC schemes, and Category 5 for NHMRC)

  • application was submitted with Victoria University as the lead University. If the application was not submitted with VU as the lead institution, the lead institution must commit to providing matching 'Near Miss' funding for the project equal to the contribution being provided by VU. This commitment must be provided in writing to the Office for Research.

  • applicant is eligible to submit in the next relevant round of National Competitive Grants.

Application & assessment

The application consists of a single A4 cover page providing details of the plan and objectives for the following 12-month period and addressing weaknesses identified by assessors, together with a 12-month budget.

Applications will be invited only from those who fall into the defined 'Near Miss' category.

The Director, Office for Research, will review applications under this scheme to ensure consistency with the assessment criteria.


Appeals will be heard only against process issues and not against evaluative decisions of the Director, Office for Research. An applicant may appeal only where there is clear evidence that the process followed has contravened the guidelines.

Appeals must be lodged, in writing, through the Office for Research, within 28 days of the date on the letter of notification of outcome from the Director, Office for Research.

Appeals by other parties on behalf of an applicant will not be considered. All appeals must be sent to: Director, Office for Research, Footscray Park Campus.

Grant conditions

Length of Grant

'Near Miss ' Grants are normally provided for a 12-month period. In exceptional cases, an extension of up to three months may be granted. This extension must be applied for in writing before the 12-month period has finished.

Final report

A final report will be required at the completion of 12 months, or if an extension of three months has been granted, within 15 months of grant approval.

Submission of application for a National Competitive Grant

An application must be completed and submitted to the most appropriate National Competitive Grants (e.g. ARC or NHMRC) Scheme within 24 months of the commencement of the 'Near Miss' project.

Funding levels

The maximum 'Near Miss' Grant funding will be $26,000. Lesser grant amounts are likely to be awarded dependent on the scope of the project and availability of funds to support the scheme in the given year.

Contact us

For more information on 'Near Miss' Grants, please contact Zana Stefanovski.

Phone: +61 3 9919 4710